The Chinese Plague and Chosen People – Phantom Nation [audio]

A potpourri of the Communist Chinese plague, Trump, Soros & Circumcision

A Secular Zionist’s Defective I.D. – Phantom Nation [audio]

Israel got off on the wrong left-foot (pun-intended) with the Arab-Muslims

A Jewish Heresy Today – Phantom Nation [audio]

The Deal of the Century exposed as grievously defective.

Obama, Covert Jihadi – Phantom Nation [audio]

Obama, Islam, Iran and the criminal abuse of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

Pipes Spins Himself – Phantom Nation [audio]

Jews have rights too, ya know, but they never demand them.

Catholics, Nazis & Jews – Phantom Nation [audio]

More dejudazing by the high Court and the RC Church makes some progress.

Stealing from the Jews – Phantom Nation [audio]

The neurotic, bipolar, homicidal enmity of the anti-Jew.

Trump’s Plan vs ‘The Jordan Option’. Would This Plan Work? – Phantom Nation [audio]

Trump's peace plan is being opposed by many here in the region. Tamar's guest, Ted Belman, founder and editor of tells Tamar that there may be a better plan, called, the 'Jordan Option'. Find out about it on this show.


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