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The Enemy Within – Phantom Nation [audio]

Israel's worst mistake ever, even worse than the Oslo Abomination.

Shame, Guilt & Islam – Phantom Nation [audio]

Listen to lhan Omar and learn why Islam is not civilized

Obama’s Third Term – Phantom Nation [audio]

The covert jihadi is back in power and Israel has to live with that.

America Under Attack!! – Phantom Nation [audio]

Never before in US history has there been such danger. And Israel's mis-identification of the enemy.

Israel’s Own “Cancel culture” – Phantom Nation [audio]

The country's miserable electoral system and non-Orthodox degenerate values.

The Unholy Mixing of Opposites – Phantom Nation [audio]

The disintegration of non-Orthodox American Jewry and the madness of "transgender"

The DNA of Arab-Muslim Hatred – Phantom Nation [audio]

Justice for the "Palestinians" has nothing to do with it.

Hanukkah & Missionaries – Phantom Nation [audio]

The eternal temptation to escape, and why Jesus cannot be the Jews' Messiah.

How Not to Deal With Terrorists – Phantom Nation [audio]

The lunacy of Anti-Jews and the Democratic Party's criminals


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