Soleimani and Tucker Carlson – Phantom Nation [audio]

The US finally fights back after 40 years, and FOX's Tucker Carlson exposes himself.

Jew-Hatred: What Is It? – Phantom Nation [audio]

Let's enter the mind of the monster in Monsey. What drives such people?

The “West Bank” Lie & Dejudaizing Jews – Phantom Nation [audio]

The "West Bank" proves the non-existence of "Palestinians" and the menace of the disappearing Jews.

Islam is Sooo Different – Phantom Nation [audio]

Israel and the West must re-think its way of dealing with Islam.

BDS=TSS, Pompeo & Bibi – Phantom Nation [audio]

How TSS (the Two-State Solution) and BDS are one and the same, & Israel's Inferior Democracy

Pathological Israel – Phantom Nation [audio]

For 71 years Gaza has been bleeding Israel, with Israel's assistance. Huh?

Sodom and Gomorrah Today – Phantom Nation [audio]

This week's Torah reading and our degenerate generation.

The Gaza Perplex – Phantom Nation [audio]

Israel's paralysis in terminating Gaza once and for all.

Israel’s anti-Jew Jews – Phantom Nation [audio]

News, Politics, Israel, Jew, Jewish, Judaism, America, Trump, Syria, Iran, Russia

The Islamo-Arab Mind – Phantom Nation [audio]

The abyss separating the civilized from the barbaric.

6,000 Wannabe Assassins – Phantom Nation [audio]

This generation's legitimate Jew-hatred and anti-Jew aggression

Talib: Right Decision, Wrong Reason – Phantom Nation [audio]

Kudos to Israel for barring an enemy saboteur, if not for the right reason.

“Ishmael is a Thief” – Phantom Nation [audio]

Israel always pleads for friendship with the enemy and never fights for its rights.

Ilhan’s Israeli Itinerary – Phantom Nation [audio]

A golden opportunity for Israel if Bibi has guts and wit.

Fake Racism in Israel – Phantom Nation [audio]

The Left's alliance with the "Zionism is racism" crowd

The “Deal of the Century” Fallacy – Phantom Nation [audio]

Like all peace plans, this one will fail too for its misdiagnosis.


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