You Can’t Unsee it – Leap of Faith [audio]

On today’s show Penina speaks with Jono Vandor, Host of Israel on My Mind, who will be sharing with us his inspiring journey from Evangelical Christianity to Torah. Jono talks about how his search for truth brought him to see things that he just couldn’t unsee, that once they took ahold of him, he had no choice but to choose a path that conformed with what he saw, no matter where that led. Another inspiring episode of Leap of Faith you don’t want to miss!

Explaining the Inexplicable – Leap of Faith [audio]

On Today’s episode of Leap of Faith, Penina speaks with Yisrael Killian who will be sharing remarkable journey from Roman Catholicism to Torah Judaism, and how discovering the absolute need for the oral Torah to explain the inexplicable in the written Torah was a transformative moment for him and his spiritual journey. Another fascinating episode of Leap of Faith you don’t want to miss.

The Simple Truth – Leap of Faith [audio]

Have you ever created a fantasy in your mind about how something was going to turn out and in the end, it was nothing like what you imagined?

The Gift of Poverty – Leap of Faith [audio]

Barak Moore grew up in a poverty stricken and violent part of New York, but considers his upbringing as a gift which has given him a unique view of life and the world and what it means to suffer.

Talking to G-d in the Bathroom – Leap of Faith [audio]

It seems that holiness and a connection with G-d can be acquired from others. It’s like a virus – it’s contagious, only in a really good way. On today’s Leap of Faith, Penina talks with Elisheva Goldschmidt about how she was exposed to people who talked about G-d as if He were real in their lives and it made her want what they had. Eventually, she found it, but the route wasn’t as straightforward as she might have hoped. Another inspiring episode of Leap of Faith you don’t want to miss!

A Baal Teshuvah Again – Leap of Faith [audio]

Join Penina on Leap of Faith as she interviews her oldest son, Daniel about what it was like going through the teshuvah and conversion processes with his parents, and he shares his own teshuvah story as a “Baal Teshuva on my own terms.” Another inspirational episode you won’t want to miss!

Teach Them to your Children – Leap of Faith [audio]

A woman's inspirational journey to Torah and how the Jewish commandment to 'teach our children' was the thing that first attracted her and her husband to Judaism.

A Prodigal Son – Leap of Faith [audio]

Are non-Jews who are embracing Torah like the prodigal son returning home? On Today’s Leap of Faith, Penina speaks with Jim Barfield, Director of the Copper Scroll Project, who says they are. He shares his fascinating journey to Torah as a Ger Toshav and how he got involved with the Dead Sea Scrolls and specifically the Copper Scroll Project, on another inspiring episode of Leap of Faith you won’t want to miss.

An Idol Moment – Leap of Faith [audio]

Idolatry is forbidden in the Torah, and yet so many of us have idols in our lives. In today’s episode of Leap of Faith, Penina speaks with musician Yosef Daniel about his amazing journey to Torah. In his story, he shares a watershed moment when he realized that in order to hear clearly what G-d wanted in his life, he was going to have to tear down all those idols that he was holding onto. That was the beginning of his miraculous journey to Judaism. Join Penina for yet another incredibly inspirational episode of Leap of Faith.

If the Shoe Fits – Leap of Faith [audio]

Have you ever tried to find a pair of shoes that fit and had no luck? Finding faith can sometimes be a lot like trying to find a pair of shoes that fit, sometimes it takes a while to find the right ones.

The Skeptic and the Rabbi: Falling in Love with Faith – Leap of Faith...

Being a Torah Observant Jew is not easy. It’s a choice that requires sacrifices. It requires looking downright bizarre at times, to the rest of the world. Sometimes it means not only giving up everything we’ve ever known culturally, but also unfortunately, losing close friends and family connections.

From Rose Bowl to Rashi – Leap of Faith [audio]

Unlike most cultures, Judaism encourages asking questions, because they help us grow. On today’s show I will be speaking with Yosef and Emunah Murray, authors of their memoir, “From Rose Bowl to Rashi.” In this incredibly inspiring interview, they share the hardships they faced for asking questions and they describe Judaism’s encouragement of questions as a breath of fresh air. Another episode of Leap of Faith you don’t want to miss!

A River Could be a Tree – Leap of Faith [audio]

When the Sunday sermon blamed the delay of Jesus’ second coming on women wearing makeup, Angela Himsel began to wonder if God didn’t have more important things to worry about. This began her on a spiritual journey that took her from the Worldwide Church of God to Orthodox Judaism. On today’s Leap of Faith, Penina talks with Angela about her spiritual journey and how sometimes there is more than one right answer. Join Penina for another inspiring episode of Leap of Faith.

You Can Lead a Horse to Water… And You Can Make Him Drink –...

There’s a saying that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. That’s not completely true. If you give the horse salt, he becomes thirsty enough to drink. On today’s episode of Leap of Faith, Penina speaks with Akiva Holinger who shares his journey from the Mennonite faith to Orthodox Judaism and how his thirst for Truth led him there. Join us for another inspirational episode of Leap of Faith you don’t want to miss.

Ten From the Nations – Torah Awakening Among Non-Jews – Leap of Faith [audio]

Something is happening in the world today – not only are Jews turning towards torah, but so are Christians, and Today’s guest, Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler claims that this is in direct fulfillment of the prophecy of Zechariah 8:23. Join me in this fascinating interview as I talk with Rivkah about what’s going on!

The Siddur as a Spiritual Journey – Leap of Faith [audio]

For most of us, the word “siddur” is synonymous with the word “liturgy”. It conjures up images of people mindlessly reading words from a book without any heart or passion. Most of us don’t think of the siddur as a spiritual journey, but on this episode of Leap of Faith, Penina will be speaking with Rabbi Daniel Kohn, who will be talking about just that – the siddur as a spiritual journey. Join Penina today at 5:00pm IST/ 10:00am EST, for another incredibly inspiring episode of Leap of Faith!

Over the Edge – Leap of Faith [audio]

When it comes to faith, we sometimes don’t realize we overstep the balance and push people away from our faith rather than drawing them towards it. Today on Leap of Faith, Penina will be speaking with Rabbi Yitzchak Michaelson, who walked away from his Jewish faith when he was pushed over the edge by that lack of balance, and who will share with us how he came back and what he’s doing to make sure that others don’t get pushed over the edge as well

Ears to Hear – Leap of Faith [audio]

Have you ever read or experienced something a million times and then suddenly you see it in a completely different light? All of a sudden what you thought about someone or something looks completely different? On today’s episode of Leap of Faith, Penina will be speaking with Kenreanne Davis, a woman who suddenly saw a verse she had read a million times, in a completely different light and it turned her world upside down.

The Place Where I Belong – Leap of Faith

Have you ever experienced a moment of absolute clarity, where you know without a doubt that you are in the right place, doing what you are supposed to be doing?

One Rung at a Time – Leap of Faith [audio]

Have you ever looked back on your life and wondered why you had to go through all the things you had to go through? Why did you have to waste so much time before you stumbled upon the truth? Today on Leap of Faith, Penina speaks with a young woman who reflects on how her journey to Torah was much like a ladder, which she had to travel - one rung at a time.

Searching for G-d in the Garbage – Leap of Faith [audio]

Have you ever been so hungry, you’d consider looking in the garbage can for food? In today's segment Penina talks with author Bracha Goetz who talks about her own search for spiritual nourishment.

Feeling Good or Choosing Right – Soul Talk [audio]

To what extent should we take our feelings into account when we make a decision. For small decisions like what I am going to eat for breakfast to much larger decisions like who I am going to marry, how great a role should my feelings about the matter effect my final decision? My mind and heart are generally the two parts of myself that I consult in any decision. Should one take a primary role over the other or do both get equal weight?

A Conversation with Two Taylors – Leap of Faith [audio]

Two weeks ago my husband Pinchas lost his father and we are currently in the US for the funeral and visiting with his family. This has given us time to talk and reflect about his own Journey to Torah and Judaism. Today on Leap of faith, for the first time Pinchas Taylor shares his story. Join us for this unique conversation, today on Leap of Faith.

Lighting the Way – Leap of Faith [audio]

Lighting shabbat candles seems to play a big role in the stories of many women who come to Torah. Today on Leap of Faith, Penina interviews Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum, Founder and Director of Midreshet B’erot Bat Ayin who not only started her journey with shabbat candles but is using her own light to ignite the journeys of other women.

From Jew “ish” to Jewess – Leap of Faith [audio]

Imagine growing up your whole life thinking you were someone only to discover at 20 years old that you weren’t really the person you thought you were. In this episode of Leap of Faith, Penina interviews Andrea Grinberg, renown celloist and owner of Wrapunzel, who shares her shocking discovery about who she was and her own Journey to Torah.

You are what you eat? – Veganism as a part of the Jewish Spiritual...

Today, in what will very likely be one of her most controversial shows ever, Penina to be talking with Rabbi David Rosen about the phenomenon of Jews choosing to become vegetarian or vegan as a part of their spiritual journey, and why he would argue that it is integral to what it means to be a Jew.

A Road Less Traveled – Leap of Faith [audio]

The Tosefta Sanhedrin 13:1 tells us that the Righteous of all nations have a share in the world to come – Judaism does not believe that people need to become Jewish in order to go to heaven. Today Penina will be speaking with a couple who are Noahides – righteous Gentiles who are not Jewish but love the Torah. Her guests, Jason and Cherrie Lacross will inspire you as they share their spiritual journey and talk about what it’s like to be Noahides. Another incredibly inspiring episode of Leap of Faith you won’t want to miss!

Just a nobody searching for the truth – Leap of Faith [audio]

It is said that those who truly seek the truth will eventually find it. Today on Leap of Faith, Penina talks with Malka Shifra Golani whose journey from the religion of Santeria to Orthodox Judaism will have you on the edge of your seat.

Getting to Know You – Penina’s Journey through Christianity and Back – Leap of...

When your Judaism means nothing more than eating Chinese food on Christmas and you’re looking for something more, where do you turn? In today’s debut episode, get to know Leap of Faith’s host, Penina Taylor as she share’s her own spiritual journey which brought her from a secular Jew to Christianity and Messianic Judaism to Torah Judaism.


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