Real Peace? History Shows Otherwise… – Political Hitman [audio]

Howie has reservations about the UAE-Israel Peace Deal...But not for the reasons you think...

You ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE who Harvard hired TO TEACH DIPLOMACY.. – Political...

Howie looks at higher education and wonders how any normal person sends their child to universities today.

Celebrity Jews That Hate Israel?…WHO CARES?! – Political Hitman [audio]

Howie examines the phenomenon of Jewish celebrities who hate Israel and asks the question....Who cares?! - He also looks at Kamala Harris, the Democratic candidate for US President..

Kosher Cheeseburger?! I think Not! – Political Hitman [audio]

Love your Kosher Cheeseburger? How about Chinese Food? Howie looks at North American Jewish assimilation through food.

America is Dead! Long live Communism! – Political Hitman [audio]

The KGB has been working to destroy America since the 1960s. Their nefarious plan has worked and America in imploding! Howie analyzes the situation.

Do the Crime, Do the Time – Howie Talks to a Former Prisoner about...

Howie expresses outrage at a fake hate crime and then talks about police abuse with a former US prisoner.

Oh You Have Facts?…So What?! – Political Hitman [audio]

Abbas and his henchmen have threatened a new Intifada. On PH's 4th Anniversary Show, Howie talks about hypocrisy in politics and how facts don't matter...

Should You Kneel to a Black Person? The World According to the Millennial –...

Howie talks to Noah, a Black Lives Matters supporter who supports reparation, kneeling and apologizing!

ALL DEALS ARE OFF Says Abbas – Israel Should Agree – Hold the PLO...

Howie feels that since Abbas has unilaterally cancelled all peace deals with Israel, including the Oslo Accords, Israel should consider the deals cancelled and should hold the PLO accountable for their actions.

To Celebrate or not to Celebrate – A Yom Haatzmaut Quandry – Political Hitman...

To celebrate or not to celebrate, that is the question. Howie wonders if he should be celebrating the Independence of The State of Israel...

Jews Wake up Before it’s Too Late! – Political Hitman [audio]

Howie is sick of Jewish apathy and people like Bernie Sanders, who claim to be Jewish but works to destroy the State of Israel, Jews and the Jewish community.

Intifada, Intifada, GO BACK TO THE OVENS! – Are Jews in North America Safe?!...

Howie looks at Anti-Jewism in North America and wonders if Jews are at risk of another Holocaust.

Israel is Under Attack – Howie has a Theory on The Government’s Inaction –...

Howie forwards a theory on why the Government hasn't responded to 13 years of rocket barrages. He then talks to Alan Silver who updates on the current state of attacks.

How Can You Be Happy? Howie and his Guests have the Answer! – Political...

Howie talks to founder of Prager U Dennis Prager about happiness and then discusses happiness with comedians Elon Gold and Modi.

Howie Goes to Synagogue and You’ll Never Believe What he Heard! – Political Hitman...

Howie confronts a worshipper in synagogue on Rosh Hashanah, you'll never believe what happens next!

Strong Jews Unwanted! – Political Hitman [audio]

Howie talks about how Jews like to be victims for political advantage.

Lock Up Your Kids – Political Hitman [audio]

Howie discusses the Yeshiva University High School Child Sex Scandal

He’s Jewish! Jefferey Epstein and Pointing Out Famous Jews – Political Hitman [audio]

Jeffery Epstein was Jewish and had a pedophile sex island. David Berkowitz was Jewish and a mass murderer, yet Jews still point out famous Jews. Howie looks at this practice and then discusses the end of the Jewish Community in North America.

Howie Got Beat Up With His Ribs Broken; Because He Was a Jew. –...

Howie looks at the root cause of hatred and mass shootings in this stirring, disturbing and mind shaking episode of Political Hitman!

Has Messiah Come and Did The Jews Just Didn’t Notice?! – Political Hitman [audio]

Has Messiah come and the Jews just didn't notice? Why do we keep praying to return to Jerusalem when we can just hop on a plane? Howie asks these and other important questions on this EXPLOSIVE Political Hitman!


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