It Gets Worse… – News From the Torah [audio]

Before Israel can move on to its bright future, it is going through the plagues. Join me to discuss Israel's current hard streak and how to make things better

Mikva during the war… – News From The Torah [audio]

How does the war affect family life? What are thousands of Israeli families goe through.. Join us to find out and to hear what you can do to help

We Celebrate Life! – News From The Torah [audio]

As Yaakov's life comes to a close, join me for a discussion of the Jewish value of life contrary to the Palestinian cult of death

The Weekly Reading To Learn From – News From the Torah [audio]

Leah Aharoni talks about this week's Torah reading, and what we can learn from it. She also has a message for non-Jewish listeners.

Dealing with Fear and Anxiety – News From the Torah [audio]

In these tense times, when many people experience anxiety, fear and tension, join us to discuss the Torah way of dealing with these (and other) hard emotions and how to harness the light of Chanuka to light your path

I am a Jew! – News From the Torah [audio]

Since the dawn of Jewish history, one thing remains constant - the more people oppress the Jews, the stronger we become. And this time is not different

Being a Jew in the Middle East – News From the Torah [audio]

From the times of Avraham till today, please join me to explore what it is like to live as a Jew in the Middle...

Hamas’s Greatest Enemies Are Not the Jews – News From The Torah [audio]

As Israel braces itself for a long expected war against her enemies, please join me to learn together who the Hamas-ISIS is really fighting against.

From Sinai to Israel – News From The Torah [audio]

As The Islamic Juhad is shelling the cities of Israel please join me for a discussion of communcal responsibility in Tel Aviv and in ... Gaza

Spring back! – News From The Torah [audio]

Join me as we discuss the resillience and self-reinvention which are at the core of Jewish People's survival

Do You Really Count? – News From The Torah [audio]

As we count the Omer between Passover and Shavuot please join me as we discuss how this commandment can help you really count (and account).

It’s time for Freedom in Israel – News From The Torah [audio]

This week, a dictatorial junta took Israel hostage. As we approach the holiday of Passover, join me for a discussion of how Israelis take their freedom back

Diving under the Surface of Israeli Anti-government Protests – News From The Torah [audio]

As we start another book of Torah, the Book of Vayikra, please join me as we look at the root of the anti-government protests sweeping Israel

It’s Adar, Be Happy! – News From The Torah [audio]

How can the Torah legislate an emotion? How can I be happy if I am not happy with my life? Can we really choose how to feel? Join us to find out how to create more happiness and joy in this month of Adar.

Too Much of a Good Thing – News From The Torah [audio]

Is the judicial reform a good thing for the Jews? Should Israel send humanitarian aid to Syria, join us as we explore these questions in light of this week's Torah portion

The Miracle of Nature – News From The Torah [audio]

Is this world a jungle or a beautiful garden planted for your enjoyment? Join me for a discussion of the miracle of nature (and the nature of miracles) as the Jewish people cross the Red Sea in this week's Torah portion.

Holy Food – Can Food Make You More Godly? – News From The Torah...

As we start the Hebrew month of Shvat, join me for a discussion of how food can make you more spiritual and refined.

Who Wants To Hear Your Opinion? – News From The Torah [audio]

What did God hope to accomplish with the 10 plagues of Egypt and what does that tell you about our own violent social debate?

Are You Feeling Seen? – News From The Torah [audio]

As we start the new book of Shmot/Exodus, join us for a discussion of how we make ourselves and others feel seen.

The Exile Is Optional – News From The Torah [audio]

Join us to explore the message of Yehuda and the light of Chanuka that will have you reading reality in an entirely different way.

Seeing the Light of God – News From The Torah [audio]

Join me for an inspiring discussion of how to make seeing the light of God a reality in our everyday experience.

Play Your Part! – News From The Torah [audio]

Please join us for a discussion of the stand off between the forces of Eisav and Yaakov - then and now. Plus, if you would like to play your part in helping us help our Jewish brothers and sisters from Russia and Ukraine please reach out to me at [email protected]

Do the child-free have a future? – News From The Torah [audio]

As our society places less and less importance on relationships and children, is it losing its chance for a future? As Yaakov builds his family in Haran, join me to apply his lessons to our lives

Will the Philistines see the light? – News From The Torah [audio]

As Palestinians are bombing Israeli cities we remember that the more things change, the more they stay the same (yes they did the same in the Torah too)

Love and boundaries in Israeli elections – News From The Torah [audio]

This week, join us as we follow the tirals and tribulations of Avraham Avinu and these teachings' implications for the recent israeli elections

New Year without Baggage – News From The Torah [audio]

As we start a new year and face Yom Kippur join us to discuss how we can make this year more peaceful, successful and beautiful by leaving all of the baggage behind us.

Let Go of the Baggage in the New Year – News From The Torah...

What if Rosh Hashana could become your time of healing, of reclaiming happiness and innocence. Join us to hear just how that happens as God judges us in the most loving way

This Moment is Designed for You! – News From The Torah [audio]

How to keep your calm through the chalanges of life? How to come out of every situation as a winner? As we celebrate the birthday of the Baal Shem and Baal Hatanya todat, join us for a fresh perspective that will add energy and vigor to every moment of your life

Elul – The Pleasure of Being Judged – News From The Torah [audio]

"Thou shalt not judge" is the greatest commandment of our generation. But there is nothing more beautiful, enruching and empowering than the judgement of Elul. Join us to hear how to make this Elul an amazing part of your year

Unload that Baggage! – News From The Torah [audio]

What baggage are you carrying around that won't let you enjoy life? Where are you stuck and can't go forward? Join us to explore the beautiful yet little understood holiday of TuBeav that the sages say was the happiest day of the Jewish year


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