It’s Purim! Do you know where your joy is? – News from the Torah...

Join us for a laugh-filled special episode with comediane @OfficiallyJulie as we discuss ways to bring an extra measure of happiness into this year's Purim celebration

Things Are Never What They Seem – Parshat Truma – News from the Torah...

As God commands the Jews to create a dwelling for them in the world, join me as we go behind the veil of perceived reality to real stories behind latest news.

Building a Just Society – What’s Your Part? – Parshat Mishpatim – News from...

As God gives us the fundamentals of Torah law, join us to explore your role in creating a just society, in the face of illiberal tyranny and ludicrous clash of the rights' narrative.

Parshat Yitro – We cannot receive the Torah without THESE – News from the...

As the Jewish People are about to recieve the Torah, Hashem sets out these preconditions, the ones we are so lacking today.

Reclaiming Female Leadership on the Path to Redemption – News from the Torah [audio]

With female leadership all over the news cycle, join me to explore the Torah's take on female leadership as the key to redemption from the exile and our own spiritual and physical problems. Also come to celebrate Tu B'Shvat, the New Year of the Trees with us.

Exodus – Who is Shaping Your Thinking in This Alternate Reality – News from...

As multiple forces try to (re)shape our thinking, the story of the Exodus grounds us to seek out the truth. Join us to discover the secrets of Jewish time, the forces at work to plunge us into a new darkness of racial strife, and hear one woman's take on the alternate reality of "Planet Corona."

Are You Ready for Freedom? – News from the Torah [audio]

Are you ready to leave your personal "Egypt"? As plagues rain down on Egyptians and the Jews are getting ready to leave their slavery in this week's Torah reading, the messages of Exodus and freedom ring truer than ever.

Debut Show! – News from the Torah [audio]

INTR Show Host, Leah Aharoni, asks the question, "How can a 3,000 year old book educate us on what is happening today in the news?" She then explains how we can learn from the Torah, the messages that directly correspond to today's events!


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