Practical Aliyah in the Era of Corona – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show on Tzom Gedalya, we discuss with Eli Bialik from Nefesh B’ Nefesh details about the Aliyah process today.

The Rabbis warn us, “Leave the exile while you can!” – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show Rabbi Lichtman tells over profound teachings from the great rabbis, Rav Kook and Rav Teichtal

Jews Don’t Belong in Exile – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show we speak with former Member of Knesset Rabbi Dov Lipman about his personal story of Aliyah and the imperative to bring the Jews from around the globe finally home.

Is Florida the Future Jewish Homeland? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show we discuss a recently printed article about Jews in NY moving to greener pastures in Florida and whether Uman is the place to go from Rosh Hashana

Is the Temple Mount the Center for Peace or the Center for War? –...

In this show we speak to former member of Knesset, Rabbi Yehuda Glick about his beliefs regarding Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple Mount

Should Jews in America Get Out of Dodge? – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this episode we were honored to speak with Rav Nachman Kahana about the connection between the Holocaust and North America today, and whether or not a Jew who do not have a natural built in love for the Land or Israel can develop it.

Is it a Desecration of God’s Name for a Jew to live Outside of...

In this show we speak with Rabbi Kenny Cohen who left his LA congregation behind in order to clear his conscious about not living in Israel.

The Aliyah Song – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this show we play the newest hit Jewish song, The Aliyah Song, , and talk about Jewish in Israel vs. Jews in exile mode

Exile and Redemption – Israel Unplugged [audio]

In this pre-Tisha B'Av episode we hosted Rabbi Steven Pruzansky, who just made Aliyah from Teaneck, NJ and we discussed some ideas of Aliyah and how it fits into the concepts of Exile and Redemption


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