Israel on Fire, Rabbis Adding the Fuel – Jewish Truth Bomb [audio]

Also: Leaders Don't Apologize, The Biden Crime Family and Parshat Pekudei. Listen to my Bible Classes at:

What’s the Real Obstacle to Building the Temple? – Jewish Truth Bomb [audio]

Two More Jews Murdered, Purim and the Temple, a Journalists Confession. For more, tune in to my Bible podcast at

Remembering: Yair Stern the Jewish Revolutionary, Lechi Commander – Jewish Truth Bomb [audio]

Anonymous Soldiers; Why the left needs to control the courts; don't forget to tune in to my classes on the Book of Shmuel and the Book of Kings at

The Oylem Goylem – Jewish Truth Bomb [audio]

Bibi's bluff, Antisemitism and the holocaust. For more of Lenny Goldberg, tune into Lenny Goldberg Bible Classes

He Is Going to Pay For That Grin – Jewish Truth Bomb [audio]

Is there collective punishment in Judaism? The left go International in their fight

Real Jewish leaders, exile implosion, judicial tyranny, 7/11 Slurpee – Jewish Truth Bomb [audio]

Tune in to "Lenny Goldberg's Bible Classes" for a simple and authentic study of Tanach


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