Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90
Former IDF Spokesperson for the foreign media Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus at the scene where mortar fire from the Gaza Strip hit a home in a kibbutz in southern Israel.

Former IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus on Saturday was interviewed by the BBC’s Helena Humphrey following the Israeli rescue operation of four living hostages from the Gaza Strip.

It’s a five-minute interview, in which Conricus, asked about the high number of civilian casualties as a result of the raid, pointed out that it was civilians who had abducted and imprisoned the four hostages, choosing to keep them in a busy part of the Nuseirat neighborhood in central Gaza.


At that point, Humphrey asked why the IDF did not issue a warning that it was coming, to keep the number of civilian deaths down.

If you are a student of human behavior, you cannot but feel deep admiration for Conricus, who did not use any one of the varieties of proper responses to her idiocy, but instead explained with admirable patience, as one would a small child, or a stray dog, the value in keeping such an operation secret.

As a bonus, I enclose an interview with Jonathan Conricus that was not conducted by idiots.

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