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Palestinian Authority Arabs who were freed from Israeli jails.

Two Arab brothers  who hold Israeli citizenship, Kari, and Maher Younis, murdered a soldier, Avi Bromberg, in 1981.

Four other Arabs with Israeli citizenship, murdered three soldiers in 1991, and another showed his love for the country by throwing a grenade in a street in Haifa. Yet another’s loyalty was expressed by murdering another soldier in 1985.


All of these Israelis, instead of being sentenced to death, are serving time in jail.

They are Israelis, but the Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas has demanded that Israel free them, and nearly 100 others who have committed equally grisly crimes.

If Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu does not surrender, Abbas will deliver a painful blow by refusing  to allow his aides to sit down with Israeli officials to satisfy U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s dream of renewing direct talks.

Netanyahu appealed to the public Saturday to understand how difficult it is to be Prime Minister.

“It is painful to the Israeli people and it is very painful to me,” he wrote. “It clashes with the value of justice. It is an obvious injustice that criminals, even if most of them spent more than 20 years in prison, be released before they finish serving their sentence.”

Anyone living in a country where justice is a basic value would stop right there.

Not Netanyahu.

“The best answer we give to those murderers is that in the years that they have spent in prison we have built a beautiful country,” he wrote.

Okay, that makes sense, now what?

“Every now and then prime ministers need to take decisions that fly in the face of public opinion — for the good of the country.”

Okay. That also makes sense, but what does that have to do with freeing terrorists who, some of whom, based on every experience in the past, are going to be involved in more deaths of Israelis?

Netanyahu explained that freeing terrorists has nothing to do with justice, public opinion or even the immediate safety of citizens.

“Over the next nine months we will come to see whether there is a Palestinian partner who desires the end of the conflict as much as we do. The conflict’s resolution can only be achieved if we are guaranteed security for Israel’s citizens and the protection of our vital national interests.”

Got it?

The solution is guaranteeing Israel’s security.

And how do we do that?

We free terrorists, Israelis and non-Israelis. After all, they committed their crimes before the Palestinian Authority promised to stop incitement and even signed on the dotted line on the Oslo Accords.

True, the Palestinian Authority not only has not stopped incitement but also has accelerated it.

True, hundreds of Israelis have been murdered by terrorists freed in the past.

But there is a greater truth: The Obama administration is in charge, and if Abbas threatens there will be no direct talks if terrorists are not freed, Israel must cooperate.

That is why, if the Israel security Cabinet  agrees, Palestinian Authority Arab Issa Abed Rabo, convicted of the murder of Revital Seri and Ron Levy near the Cremisan Valley in October 1984, will be a free man.

The detailed list of the 103, some say 104, terrorists to be released will be published Sunday, but here is partial list, enough to make the most soft-hearted bleeding heart cringe with disgust:

  • Mohamed Dawd : He is from Kalkilya, a city adjacent to Kfar Saba, which sits on the northern edge of metropolitan Tel Aviv and is a stone’s throw from the highway to central Samaria communities where Jews are attacked almost daily. Why not free him? All he did was kill two Jews, Ofra and Tal Moses, by throwing a firebomb at their car in 1987.
  • Jumaa Adem and Mahmoud Kharbish: They also like throwing firebombs, also known as Molotov cocktails. They killed a mother and three of her children who were riding on a public bus from the northern Jordan Valley to Jerusalem. A soldier who tried to save the children and their mother, Rachel Weiss, also was killed.
  • Jamal Muhsan : This terrorist, from Jenin, likes murdering old people, like 76-year-old Shlomo Yehia, who as killed in Kadima, a community inside the “Auschwitz  Borders” that existed from 1949 to 1967. He also managed to kill an Israel Prize Laureate,  Menachem Stern, in 1989.
  • Adnan Effendi: He preferred teenaged victims. He stabbed to death two 13-year-old boys in Jerusalem in 1992.
  • Alef Shaath: He dressed up as woman and murdered Simcha Levy in Gaza.
  • Mahmoud Issa: This is not an ordinary terrorist, He led a terror cell that kidnapped and murdered Border Police officer Nissim Toledano in 1993.

The list goes on and on. The victims of the terrorists who are set to be released include a Holocaust survivor and a man who committed the crime of helping the Arab economy by shopping in a village near Jenin. The terrorists include those who were minors at the time, meaning that if they are released, they still have many years ahead in which they can make the choice between trying to become normal human beings or returning to their life of terror.

Based on the past, guess which path they are more likely to choose?

But there is no need to worry, says Prime Minister Netanyahu: “The security of Israeli citizens and our vital national interests will be ensured.”

If you don’t believe him, just ask John Kerry.

He already phoned  Abbas on Friday to tell him that Chelm – uh, Israel – will agree to his demands. Abbas told journalists,  “Follow the Israeli media on Sunday and you will hear good news on the prisoners.”

Unlike previous releases terrorists, the Cabinet is likely to give Netanyahu a hard time.

Jewish Home chairman, Finance Minister Naftali Bennett, said the party’s ministers will vote against the proposal.

Avigdor Liberman, leader of the Yisrael Beiteinu faction of the Likud, has freedom to vote as they please, and most of them will vote against Netanyahu or abstain.

Danny Danon of the Likud, Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon, urged his colleagues to vote against what he called “the lunacy of releasing dozens of terrorists who have the blood of hundreds of Israelis on their hands. The release is a prize for the Palestinians, just for their being willing to sit with us at the negotiating table.”


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Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.


  1. I don't think we will have to worry much about these terrorist being released… the last batch released for Gilad are no longer on this earth. Go ahead… release them…I doubt if they will be long on this earth as well…….. L'Shalom

  2. In reading the letter Netanyahu sent to the Israeli people I am impressed with the arrogance that he expresses. Despite admitting it is an injustice to his people, and as good as saying he has to appease Kerry and Obama and Abbass,
    he goes on to say how great and powerful Israel is. There is no mention of God without whose Word, Israel would not still exist. It has nothing to do with his great leadership. The letter shows that Israeli government is close to losing its moral basis and Israel is subjected to Obama and afraid of world opinion. I see a similarity with Shimshon in Judges after Delilah cut his hair and he tried to rise as before but his power had gone and he ended up subject to the Philistines. Netanyahu has allowed his hair to be shorn in surendering the security of Israel to the hands of her enemies, and I include Obama and Kerry in that group.
    No room for arrogance Netanyahu. Vote against this atrocious agreement. God is still on His throne!

  3. Sure free them. There is an old saying in the Army that a Liberal/Progressive is only good for these things: target practice, marking an LZ and for the Air Force to use them to use Kentucky windage on where to drop the bombs. Since one would have to use a microscope to know the difference tween a Socialist and an Islamist, in my expert military opinion (that I give freely…ahem), I say free them right over the nuclear facilities in Iran so that the Israeli Air Force knows exactly where to drop the bunker busting bombs.

  4. I just wonder what real threats Obama and Kerry used to push these demands. What I would say to Netanyahu is: Stop trusting in the United States. Obama will not defend Israel no matter what you do. Put your trust 100% in God and God alone. Man will fail Israel but God never will if Israel would only trust Him.

  5. Bibi says this is "painful". Of course it's painful, but not half as painful as enduring the terrorism 20 years of Oslo has caused, plus the pain caused by the Gaza.
    -land-for-peace-yielding-no-peace-and-loss-of-land plan. No, there is no land for peace, because it has been proven to mean they get land, we get no peace. If this is painful, why don't we try something less insane and less painful, which would be to annex Yesha and deport the Arabs who won't sign loyalty oaths? Polls show at least 40% of Arabs would sign, as they prefer Israel to be in charge. Other countries get to do these things & in our case, it's not immoral, since the Arabs get a choice. If they're not happy here, they can go to the US or one of the 57 other muslim countries, or one of the 22 other Arab countries. But Israel must remain the sole Jewish nation. This is our only chance for survival and peace until Moshiach comes.

  6. I am positive….. do you not remember Bibi on TV saying.. that all those who did these things are no longer on this earth? He was referencing all those prisoners who had killed innocent Israelis and been released in return for Gilad Shelit. In Israel you don't get away with murder. Those prisoners were warned if they returned to terrorist activity they would be punished by death. All 1,027 prisoners returned to terrorism and they are no longer on this earth. You do not mess with the G-d of Israel….. it is that simple.

  7. @ Veronica Varallo…. Please educate yourself because you make Ignorant statements in light of what the absolute Majority of Jewish and Israeli Peoples Know and feel…..This is what Jewish Israelis think in light of President Obama's Unpecedented and Historic Military Aid and Money Appropiations to the Jewish State; which is the Most over any other U.S. President in Israel's 60 Year History!……

  8. @ Veronica Varallo…. Please educate yourself because you make Ignorant statements in light of what the absolute Majority of Jewish and Israeli Peoples Know and feel…..Ehud Barak says "President Obama has been the Most Supportive U.S. President to Israel ever!!!! Especially within his tenure in the Israeli Government" (Watch the Video!) The Current Israeli Defense Minister and former Prime Minister Knows Best!!! The Israelis themselves and their Leaders are the Final Judge on this Matter Proving that any Descent is an Out Right Lie!….

  9. If we applied capital punishment to these murderers there would not be any releasing the murderers so they can murder again. The sages say" someone who is merciful to the wicked will end up being wicked to the innocent".

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