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MK Bezalel Smotrich

MK Bezalel Smotrich, speaking Monday at a conference of the magazine B’Sheva, declared that only way to suppress Arab terror would be to quash any hope they harbor to create a Palestinian state.

“One has to be blind to believe there’s a chance to create here two states that would answer the national aspirations of both Arabs and Jews,” Smotrich said. In his view, “in the end the left is correct in saying there is no military solution to the terror. There’s no way to deal with a 15-year-old girl who picks up a knife and goes out to kill a Jew.”


Smotrich called on Israel to dismantle the Palestinian Authority at once. “We must establish more settlements, encirclements, closures and check points. As long as the Arabs harbor some hope that some day they could defeat us, terrorism will remain. Only once their hope became realistic, accepting the fact that this land was given to us by God, would terrorism diminish.”

He also said the Torah of Moses should be the moral foundation for the Jewish State.

“It won’t be easy to convince ourselves, the world and the Arabs that we’ll never allow for an Arab state to be established here,” Smotrich clarified. “After the difficult stage, when we can expect a violent eruption in response to this quashing of their hope, there will come the stage of acceptance, and our enemies will agree to choose between three options: stay and give up their national aspirations; give up and move away from here with our assistance; or become sha’hids-martyrs — also with our assistance.”


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