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The Haggadah, From Ancient Egypt to Modern Israel, is the brainchild of StandWithUs co-founder and COO, Jerry Rothstein.

A new Passover Haggadah is being distributed by StandWithUs, an international Israel education organization that emphasizes not only the themes of slavery and freedom but also underscores Jews’ 3,000-year-long connection to their ancestral homeland, Israel.

The Haggadah, ‘From Ancient Egypt to Modern Israel,’ is the brainchild of StandWithUs co-founder and COO, Jerry Rothstein.


The new StandWithUs Haggadah contains the traditional service and adds beautiful original artwork, Hebrew text with English translation. It also updates the language to modify the text from “you should tell your sons” to “you should tell your children.”

StandWithUs is also preparing to distribute this Haggadah published in other languages, Rothstein says.

“While all Haggadahs do a great job focusing on the Jewish suffering during slavery and the miracle of the escape from Egypt, the subsequent arrival in the ancestral land of Israel (immediately following the Exodus) should also be taught at the Passover table,” Rothstein adds.

For further information about the StandWithUs Haggadah, click here, call 310-836-6140 ext. 0, or contact


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