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Vice President Joe Biden embraces ADL national director Abraham Foxman at the group’s centenary gala.

Oooh, another bit of drama in the ‘Obama-Bombing-Bibi Soap Opera’ …

The White House has started bringing out the heavy artillery: The New York-based Anti-Defamation League is the latested to be recruited to pressure Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu into canceling his address to the U.S. Congress on March 3.


Yes. It’s another round of messing with Israeli politics, cloaked in the guise of harassing a prime minister over a speech to Congress. But it’s really about trying to rally enough bad blood to make Netanyahu look bad to people who know he’s probably one of the few in Israel who actually knows how to lead, mistakes notwithstanding.

Ah — and lest we forget — it’s also about trying to distract the American public from that other thing: the Iranian nuclear threat that’s being carefully hidden away in a pretty package with a shiny pink bow. It’s about to be sealed in an agreement between Tehran and world powers led by President Barack Obama at the end of March. Obama’s not very happy that Netanyahu is planning to talk about that with Congressional lawmakers.

Somehow ADL national director Abraham Foxman was persuaded to tell The Jewish Daily Forward that the controversy over the address by Netanyahu – who was invited to deliver the speech by the Speaker of House, John Boehner, months ago – is “unhelpful.” Foxman was quoted as saying the Netanyahu should stay home, according to the Feb. 7 edition of the UK-based Huffington Post.

(Frankly, Harriet, how on earth did the UK get into this? Oh, right — they get into anything that has Netanyahu involved — forgot. Carry on…)

“One needs to restart, and it needs a mature adult statement that this was not what we intended,” Foxman said in the Forward interview published Friday. “It has been hijacked by politics. Now is a time to recalibrate, restart and find a new platform and new timing to take away the distractions.”

Foxman said he “stands with Israel” and its concerns over the rapidly closing U.S.-Iran deal on Tehran’s nuclear development activities. However, he said Netanyahu’s upcoming appearance before the Congress has become “a circus.” Instead, he suggested the prime minister postpone the speech until after Israel’s March 17 elections. Or make his case at the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) conference, scheduled the same week as his address at Congress.

Of course, the scheduled date of the AIPAC conference was the reason Netanyahu moved the date of the speech back to March anyway, even though it was closer to elections. He only travels once that way.

This writer finds it interesting that the White House staff has been so successful at recruiting nearly every major American Jewish organization into trying to pressure the leader of the State of Israel on a matter seriously affecting Israel’s national security.

Were the situation reversed, one wonders how the American people would react if the Kremlin were to play the same games to stop President Barack Obama from addressing the United Nations Security Council at a special session, for instance, or even the Duma in Moscow on a matter of equal gravity affecting American national security?

Another question might be to consider which threats, if any, were implied or outright tossed to haul the ADL on to this bandwagon.

Most of the American Jewish organizations tangled up in this shameful campaign of harassment benefit from at least some government funding for community assistance programs. As such, they are enjoined to avoid any form of political involvement or they lose that funding instantly.

So many questions … so few answers … so little time …


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Rachel Levy is a freelance journalist who has written for Jewish publications in New York, New Jersey and Israel.


  1. What better forum to give the facts than in the congress of the United States. Hard to hide the REAL issues usually hidden in the left leaning media when the presentation is made in the halls of congress by an intelligent and informed Israeli patriot.
    The ADL has become nothing but a voice for the radical Jewish socialists whose kind in the 30's & 40's sat by and watched their neighbors being thrown from their homes and business' and marched to the trains that took them to the gas chambers.

  2. When Netanyahu makes this critical speech as well he should, he must walk on eggshells.
    Obama is an arrogant fool and no friend of Israel, but Netanyahu must refrain from explicitly
    attacking him or getting involved on either American of Israeli politics. He must state the facts,
    and all his opinions must be firmly connected to the facts. And there are enough
    facts to demonstrate that Iran will become a threshold nuclear power, that the Islamofascists
    are spreading their influence all over the middle east, that Iran opposes IsIs only because they are Sunnis and by opposing them Iran gets even greater influence. There is so much else wrong
    with Obama's middle east policy that can't be mentioned in one comment.
    But Netanyahu must mention them all and yet not seem to attack Obama.
    He must explain the facts and let the American people draw their own conclusion
    This will probably be the most difficult speech Netanyahu has yet to give.

  3. Obama hates me twofold; a Jew, and US Army Veteran ! Screw him, and his Muslim Brotherhood cohorts ! He should be tried for TREASON! Giving aid and comfort to the enemy, and failure in his duty to protect the US, by not to take steps to eliminate the threat from ISIS ! Worst traitor this Country has known since Benedict Arnold !

  4. You should know that President Obama loves NOT only golf but also bowling! But he has been practicing ‘bowling’ especially in politics…

    I invite you to notice that in the Middle East, which is President Obama's favorite ‘bowling alley’ there is a SKITTLE [?] – in the President's conception!! – which he wants to break – it's name is BIBI!

    We all hope that Prime Minister Netanyahu can remain VERTICAL and defend the interests of the State of Israel!

  5. It would suffice them to change their name from the Anti-Defamation League to the Pro-Defamation League…Their being against, not allowing and protecting Prime Minister Netanyahu's civil rights," doing so through his sharing vital "information, educating, legislating, and the advocating against Iran's Nuclear program."

    These Democrat Jews are doing their damnedest to destroy and dismantle the State of Israel, and the American and Israeli Jews should be hitting them back even harder…They have never advocated for Jewish rights without first stabbing Israel in the back.

  6. Foxman is a Diaspora Jew, who has learned nothing from the Holocaust. The ADL, is more interested in the black people, than the Jew's who fund it. He is the quinessential American Jewish liberal, that helped elect the anti-semitic Muslim in the WH. Israel, ignore him and do what is best for the Jewish people.

  7. I am absolutely sure he will, just last year we watched him give an awesome hour speech without any notes, Obama can't speak to a third grade class without his beloved teleprompter…
    The PM will be just fine I'm sure of it. But he will be stern and to the point.

  8. I have donated to the ADL in the past. That is now history Based on this article. Iran has sworn to destroy Israel. Iran is making weapons that will be able to destroy Israel. I want to hear Foxman state that Barack Husseins actions are wrong and that he can not support a boycott of Netanyahu. Thank g-d we have a Congress. They can and should vote down any agreement that allows Iran Nuclear weapons.

  9. In the United States I think it is time we replace the Commander in Chief. I wish I knew how to start precedings but do not know how. I will support whomever has the Courage and Knowledge to do this. Hopefully someone in Congress will stand up for our Constitution and our allies.

  10. We can now refer to the ADL strategy as Bowling For Dollars, with the Master of Ceremonies being the First Bowler…but most of you are undoubtedly too young to remember the original television series, and will have only this example to look back on…

  11. The left is consolidating its position against PM Netanyahu speaking to the U.S. Congress. The obvious question that seems to be avoided is “why.” The answer may well be that the left is afraid of the impact that such a speech might have on the Israeli elections. Nu . . . maybe Yesh Atid, and the other Israeli political trash cans, need to be scrubbed clean and put away.

  12. ADL is irrelevant. Foxman is a Liberal who will be retiring soon and the guy taking over from him is a well-known currently Soros-paid former director of communications for the anti-Semite behind all this crap from the once worthy ADL – one Bonzo Hussein Obama.

    Case closed.

  13. Just like Obama and Democrats, Foxman goes too far. It isn't about "not offending President Obama by addressing Congress without the President's blessing." It IS about making the case about Iranian intentions to Congress in the absence of a Commander-in-Chief whose rubber-stamp State Department and "Foreign Policy" mis-steps have turned the U.S. into little more than an international laughingstock. Obama understands NOTHING about what is "best" for Israeli and American "lying eyes and ears."

  14. The Jewish American (Progressive-Liberal-Socialistic-Pinko wing) is absolutely irrelevant to Israel's future. If Israel disappears in flames – what do you think the ADL would say ? Your guess is as good as mine. If this Jewish community is shoveled into the ovens again by being forced to their knees on this issue, there will be only 1/3 of American Jews left to support Israel. And what do you think Obama will want to do to them ? ARE YOU LISTENING BIBI. HERE IS THE MESSAGE..DON'T BACK DOWN – OR WE ARE THROUGH.

  15. Alan Kardon I'm not telling the Prime minister of Israel what to say. I certainly am in no position to tell him anything. I am merely predicted what the pitfalls are to my fellow hoypiloi. I will be listening to the speech and I'm certain that the way I predicted it will be the way Netanyahu gives it, since it's the only possible way it can be done without
    a backlash

  16. Foxman is a self appointed! We never voted him to represent us! He voted for Obama, does one need to say more? When settelers were demonstrating in Israel not to give up territories, some time ago, Foxman went to Israel and told the government to clamp down on them! He blurted that the government was democratic elected thus no one has the right to oppose government policies! Is that democratic? What chutzpah! Would Foxman go todemonstrators against a republican administaraion not to demonstrate because the republican administration was elected to be the government?! He is a pompus,ego centric self hating Jew/Jino-J-Jewish,I-in,N-name,O-Only!

  17. Think of it. The American Democrat's led by their President have engineered the major American Jewish organizations to betray Israel. They have actually signed on to destroying 7,000,000 of their own people as an end game to Iran's building a bomb. This is an historic moment in World History when almost an entire population of millions of people have abandoned their mother Country – and over 5000 years of their very existence. This will go down in the annals of mankind as the betrayal of a people by their own people, unprecedented in World History. Jews of the World WAKE UP before you are all gone.

  18. Foxman is a bloated sissie!!! He has been the ADL fuhrer since time immemorial!!! He runs the ADL as his private fiefdom!!! He steeping down as the ADL director soon probably because he's so morbitly obese that he can't move too much!!! I'll bet that we'll find out that he's been ripping off the ADL & its donors for most of his tenure!!!

  19. This last donation to ADL is the final one for me. Foxman's successor due to take over in a few months was groomed by the Obama administration making ADL's work as a strong Israel backer, now lacking credibility.

    As for Obama's excuse of not meeting with the PM because he does not want to interfere with Israeli elections, why is his "get out the vote" group V15 stationed in Israel right now?

    Sadly, out administration is a disgrace and is causing disastrous results by its negotiation and appeasement with Iran and it's continued courting of the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR.

  20. It shameful what is going on. All the anti PM Netanyahu moves. Could it be that Obama a little jealous because PM Netanyahu knows how to lead a country and Obama doesn't? One thing is obvious Obama is an anti Israel Muslim who held a secret meeting with Muslim leaders this past week and hasn't treated Bibl with any respect every time he has come to the US. Shame on Foxman.

  21. I was raised a Catholic , I am now a born again Jewish supporter, an soon to change my religion.To me Obama is a Muslim leaning person do to his indoctrination in childhood.Speaks with a forked tong as Iran also. best regards J.Lee

  22. Please note some of President Obama's "political signals" in the last month alone:
    1-Absence at the solidarity rally in Paris after the terror attacks in Paris.
    2- Absence at the commemoration on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz Camp.
    3-Also his shocking statement that “The White House does not consider the Afghan Taliban to be a terrorist group…”
    4-Muslim Brotherhood leader meets President Obama in the White House.
    This comes after the announcement that he refuses to meet the Israeli PM.

    It is very clear! Is not it?

  23. It's clear that the President Obama is giving Israel only TWO alternatives:
    1 – To surrender to the Sunnis of Hamas, a branch of the future Islamic State, or
    2 – To surrender to the Shiites of Iran.
    We all hope that the Government of Israel will save the State of Israel.

  24. Everybody should know that the ADL was against Jewish immigration just leading up to WW2, but did you know that in 1975, the President of the International ADL,Burton Joseph was caught traveling from Cuba back to the USA right on Yom Kippur. He had flown to Cuba on a so called business deal, and he and his plane was seized right on Yom Kippur when he tried to come back to the USA. No body cared then, and nobody cares today what the ADL is up to.

  25. It is my opinion that Obama is the #1 supporter of radical Muslim terrorism because of the ways he has enabled them to continue to grow in numbers and overtaking of land.He does not stand up for those ISIS and other terrorists have ravaged.Obama has always told us that he will stand with the Muslims when it comes down to making a choice between us and them.

  26. Foxman should shut up He is an idiot
    For Israel the matter is one of life or death
    Either Iran is stopped in its march to acquire nuclear weapons or Israel will be on the receiving end of its weapons of destruction Iran has to be stopped There is no time to waste Can this fool not see this Or is he not interested and does he not care if there is another holocaust or not
    Mr Foxman you too have crossed a red line and will be held to account
    Your stabbing the state of Israel in the back is a disgrace

  27. PM Netanyahu SHOULD speak to Congress! Obama and his administration are of no account. Speak for love and peace…but also speak of protecting Israel from all harm whatever it takes.

  28. It turns out that the New York Times wrote a correction saying that the White House knew about the invitation all the time. This is a trumped up situation to keep Bibi from telling it the way it really is. I would lov to see another administration tell Obama not to speak. Fat chance that he would give in!

  29. It's really unfortunate that so many Jewish people voted for Obama. Pressure has been put on Israel by the U.S. over several years to refrain from taking out Iran's nuclear capacity. Perhaps Obama thinks he can make a deal with Iran if he can convince them he can hold Israel in check. But, as many have written here, it's a life-or-death proposition for Israel. If Iran gets a nuke, we know Tel Aviv will be in grave danger. Bibi is a great speaker who says accurate and convincing things in his speeches. I look forward to him speaking to us here in the U.S. once again. Obama has treated him with disrespect and I hope the Dems and Biden boycott Bibi's speech; then we know where such people stand with regard to support for Israel.

  30. Theo Musikanth Yes, he could at least have been honest enough to say that Christians have evolved such that they don't now repeat the Inquisition of 1000 years ago, but that the Islamic terrorists haven't progressed beyond the 7th century.

  31. Sorry to disagree,but Clinton is more of the same.He promised to release Pollard years ago and backed down at the last minute.. We should try the Republicans for a change.We need a radical change.We have been blackmailed BY THE DEMOCRATS .Enough IS ENOUGH! FAIR WEATHER FRIENDS WHO SIDE WITH OUR ENEMY!!

  32. Foxman does not intend to go quietly, but rather disgrace his entire career. Obviously, he thinks that a Jew who disagrees with Obama or who has the temerity to accept an invitation from the Republican leadership will invite anti-Semitic response. From whom, the already anti-Israel Democrat left?

  33. The ADL is another leftist liberal organization that causes more problems for the Jews than it solves. We can safely assume they are big supporters of that filthy black muslim Anti Semite Hussein Obama. Abe Foxman you are a putz.

  34. Dear so-called American Jewish organizations, Obeyme created the circus. Usually, you do nothing because any power you get people to think you have doesn't exist. But, this time you aren't satisfied to do nothing for the Jewish people to stand up to the Bully-in-Chief, but you act as his court Jew. You're beyond shameful and it's quite disgusting & pitiful. Abe Foxman has done one intelligent thing in the past several decades, but I don't remember what it was. Abe, as you're well aware, nobody gives a damn what you say or think.

  35. This is just one more attempt to silence free speech and sugarcoat the Iran Nuclear Crisis. These conspirators think we are all a bunch of idiots. Bibi Netanyahu is the only real man among this group and the only Warrior in a culture of cowards. Pray for Israel that a Warrior may stand at it's head or prepare to be overrun by fiends and terrorists.

  36. Hillary Clinton has a long history of anti Semitism. As firs lady of Governor Clinton she had made multiple anti Semitic remarks. As first Lady(she is no lady)she had Ramadan partyis at the White House. When running for New York Senator she took money from Moslem groups wjo had ties with terrorist connections! According to a number of staff members she made a number of anti Semitic statements. She made a cheap shot remark then her step father as Jewish. Shame on grandfather for leaving Judaism! Clinton supports Obama Iran deal that puts Israel in mortal danger. Hellary married off her UGLY Ducklink Chelsa to a JINO(J-Jew,I-In,N-Name, O-Only)to cover her anti Semitism for the 2016 run. Again, her son in law an apostate Jew(sic). She told Israel not to build in Jerusalem! Hellary Rodham Clinton took her arthertic finger and pointed it into the face of Israeli Foreign Minister Liberman barking DON"T BUILD IN JERUSALEM"!

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