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Alberto Nisman, special prosecutor for Argentina Jewish Center bombing, shot dead, Jan. 18, 2015.

Just days before Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found dead in his Buenos Aires apartment on Jan. 19, 2015, he took measures to make sure his research into the Jewish Center bombing and high-level conspiracy didn’t disappear with him, according to a Makor Rishon report.

Nisman sent an email to three friends with a backup of his research and report.


It was the last email that Israeli-Argentine writer and educator, Gustavo Daniel Perednik, received from Nisman. A few days later Nisman was found with a bullet in his head.

A month before, Perednik met with Nisman in a cafe, where Nisman told him about what he was working on. Nisman told Perednik, “In case someone murders me, all the data is saved.”

The emails were sent from Nisman’s private, secure account in the prosecutor’s office.

Another recipient is believed to be Jaime Stiusso, Argentina’s former chief of counterintelligence, who was fired last year by Argentine President Cristina Kirchner.


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  1. Just about 100 years ago, my ancestors left Europe and went to Canada and Buenos Aries. Some still live there, while most made it to the US. Though Argentina has many Jews, they have gone through hard political times. The people of that country are, largely, Catholic, and though they stayed neutral in WWII, they were friendly with the Nazis. We now know that many Germans fled there after the war. I could not imagine how neutral could be so one sided. Anti-Semitism is still rampant there, and their president is a good example. I expect that the evidence will come out, but nothing will be done about it. That's just the way it is. These are not enlightened people, despite the modern nature of the country.

  2. Our world civilization, peace, security and freedom will depend on how much determination and moral resolve, we have, to fight evil that wears Antisemitism clothing as a camouflage and manifests itself into terrorism. Ultimately peace loving and God-fearing people all over the world will not be able to escape this evil even as we pretend it does not exist. We would have wished the power of our human spirits and God would intervene, but not when we are seeing this danger and refusing to recognize it. Just check out the following news headlines(just within the past week) and ask yourself why the United Nations and even the U.S. Government still insist that "Climate Change" is the major security threat to our world today and our future generations. Is it possible we as humans could have prevented and still be able to prevent changes in the climate from the Ice Age to the present and the future?

    1 Clash of Civilizations:
    2.Alberto Nisman, special prosecutor for Argentina Jewish Center bombing, shot dead, Jan. 19, 2015 :
    3.NY Councilman Greenfield exposes anti-Zionists as Anti Semites: "They are upset because Hitler didn't finish the job.":
    4.Obama was not happy with Netanyahu's keeping him out of the loop, so Bibi put him back in – through a trap door:
    5.Remains of the car of Al Quds professor who led trip of Arabs to Auschwitz last year:
    6.Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development: Our Common Future

    Imagine what stability, peace and security we would have in the world if the United Nations and world leaders had put in similar efforts to analyze terrorism, identify the perpetrators and set up rules with deterrent mechanisms to stop them. Evil is so bright a light that we try to avoid looking at it in the eye, hoping its light will dim. If we have any lessons to learn, it is simply that the evil light keep brighten up until we are all engulfed by it, if don't fight it and defeat it, but are are now or just breeding it?

  3. Well said. So true. There seems to be so much pragmatism with regards to evil and hatred i.e. it's OK if Jews are killed in Frace and 17000 march shouting to kill Jews and send them back to Israel (where Hamas and Fatah are waiting to send them back into the sea). It's all tolderated as freedom of speech. Only if other Parisiens are killed, do we stand up, & EVEN THEN WE DO NOT NAME THE EVIL FOR WHAT IT IS, but we hide behind polite euphamisms.

    All who speak hatred and murder against any national/racial group are embracing a fascist evil. Thus BDS etc. plays into the hands of facism / naziism with another face. AND ALL ARE THREATENED BY THIS EVIL as you so correctly say; not just Jews.

    It seems that the governments of the day pay lip service to truth and justice, protecting of innocents (unless they are called "Palastinians" – then they apparently care. Syrians are disposable, as are Jews etc.)

    Perhaps it was always so? Only when a good, rare strong man stood up was evil ever confronted. Or when people had no choice; like the re-establishment of Israel in her ancient homeland after holocaust NOT JUST IN EUROPE.

  4. I just wonder how different Europe is. They are supporting so much anti-Israel activity, even conveniently de-listing Hamas as a terror group whilst Fatah (partner in desire to destroy Israel) applied to ICC. Now they apparently will re-list? All convenient… Israel is always the scoundrel with Europe. So they are no better than Argentina?

  5. Did you know that others countries accepted more nazis tan Argentina? For exemple, USA. The name Von Braun sound familiar to you? An Canada also, as well as Rusia Syria, and others. Do you know we're Mengele died? At a beach, in Brazil, And Klaus Barbie where he was found? Bolivia. Don't trash Argentina, there are a lot of politicians, scientist (included one Nobel Prize), intellectuals and actors that belong to the Jewish faith. The chancellor (similar to Secretary of State) is Hector Timerman, a Jew. And he is Peronist!

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