Photo Credit: Gabriel Naddaf
Mar Charbel Church

Father Gabriel Naddaf reports on his Facebook page that Palestinian Authority Arabs in Bethlehem burned the St. Charbel (Sharbel) church on Saturday night.

Naddaf blames the Palestinian Authority for negligence in protecting the Christian holy sites under its control.


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  1. Why is the Pope and all the Catholics in Israel who immediately screeched when the church burned near the Kinneret, suddenly extremely silent? Is it because the Catholics fear they will get beheaded if they utter a word about the Angel of Peace, Abbas, while they know Jews will cry and imprison who ever they find as long as it is a Jew, even if he didn’t do it. That is what happens when Jews are perceived as friers.

  2. Is this the handy work of ISIS? The PA should take responsibility to protect all Christian holy sites, but they are only inept puppets. It seems that ISIS has infiltrated and is taking control of Gaza and all of the occupied territories, and as we have witnessed in Iraq and Syria are starting to destroy ancient sites. Very sad!

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