Photo Credit: Aryeh King
This is not the first time that Jerusalem Arabs have attempted to murder bus drivers and their passengers. (archive photo)

Jerusalem Arabs attacked a school bus with large rocks and bottles in the Maaleh Zeitim neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem Sunday morning.

No one was injured although the attackers managed to smash the windshield of the bus, which was taking the children to their school in Jerusalem,


Border Police rushed to the scene, but – surprise but no surprise – no suspects were found.

Jews living in eastern Jerusalem have frequently complained of lack of police protection and of a soft-glove approach by courts when anyone is arrested and indicted.

Dozens of Jewish motorists and passengers have been ambushed several times in eastern Jerusalem the past several years, as reported here last week, here and here last month, and here in July.

Allowing Arab terrorists to rule the roads in Gush Katif in 2000-2005 was one of the factors that incited public opinion to favor expelling 9,000 Jews from 19 communities in Gaza in the summer of 2005.

Establishment media constantly claimed that the IDF could not protect their safety and that trying to do so cost the lives of soldiers as well as civilians.

The same cockeyed logic was behind the withdrawal of the IDF from the security zone in southern Lebanon in 2000, when Ehud Barak was prime minister.

Six years later, after Hezbollah exploited the total vacuum of intelligence and Israeli soldiers on the ground, it killed 121 IDF soldiers and 43 civilians in the Second Lebanon War.

More than 400 civilians were hospitalized in massive Hezbollah rocket and missile attacks, and nearly 900 suffered trauma. Approximately 6,000 homes sustained damage while 1 million residents spent much of their time in bomb shelters.

Following the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif, hams bombarded Israel from the Negev to the Galilee with thousands of missiles and rockets, and Israel still has not achieved a long-term cease-fire agreement.

Constant attacks on Jews in eastern Jerusalem, with the help of Israel and foreign establishment media, could set up another scenario for the repeatedly failed strategy of offering “peace” by telling Jews the cannot live where they want in Jerusalem.



  1. What on earth is wrong with Israel, why don't they fight for their own people..what happened, why did they turn into cowards… Israel, stop listening to Obama…the US will not help you …Obama hates Israel

  2. Ellie Golda Miller
    I, and I am sure millions of Jews will agree with you.
    Is Israel showing cowardice?
    Is that man I always admired, Bibi. loosing his touch?
    Maybe it is time for Bib I to resigne, and bring in a real leader who is not afraid to tell; Obamas where to get off. He wants to see Israel destroyed for his Muslim Brotherhood friends.

    Israel needs a strong leader. Why is the police afraid to act quickly?
    Are those the instructions from Bibi?
    If the police chief does not do his job, then he needs to be fired

  3. Can you please explain exactly what areas of Jerusalem you are referring to?
    Is all of Jerusalem Jewish, according to the Torah, and God's will.Jewish?
    Do not abandon any part of our Holy city.
    KEEP JERUSALEM TOTALLY JEWISH, Together with our real Christians Israeli supporters.
    Why does the media always refer to Israel as an apartheid state, when the real racists are the so called Palestinians who have made it clear that if there is ever a PA state, no Jew will be allowed to live there or own property and that if any Palestinian ever sells any land to a Jew, he will be executed/
    And this "apartheid" story is being promoted by TUTU who promotes BDS against Israel.

  4. This is not BENIGN NEGLECT, it is CRUEL NEGLECT!!!
    This is insane, the government of Israel is negligent and derelict for allowing these attacks to continue. It is obvious that the only way to stop all of this is to remove the problem- the Arabs must go live in their own countries, they cannot live with Jews- it is like oil and water. We have a failed state, we have a failed process called Peace. It is now time to recognize this failure and move forward. Kahane was and is right- the Arabs have to go. If not, we will have to go or we will be slaughtered.

  5. I agree, Ellie. It's absurd to be so 'politically correct' that you allow your own citizens to suffer terror and harm. Even the terror tunnels were, strangely, left too long. I'm a great supporter of Bibi, Ya'lon,.. etc. but this is NOT ACCEPTABLE and even absurd … but cruel as well to Israel's own.

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