Photo Credit: Yossi Zeliger / Flash 90
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“Note to self” for those who are working security at the border or any other checkpoint: don’t forget to check the food items. It could save your life, and those of others.

Security personnel at the Shuafat checkpoint in northern Jerusalem were extra alert on Wednesday morning; they spotted a weapon hidden among food carried by an Arab woman.


As her items were being examined, one of the security forces found a knife hidden in a large yogurt bottle.

The woman, who was being questioned at the time, was immediately taken into custody and transferred for interrogation.



  1. Absolutely no reason whatsoever to let these cockroaches into Israeli territory at this time. None. Not for shopping, not for work, not for medical purposes, no reason period. You want to come into civilizaiton? Act like a civilized human being. Rats can stay out

  2. And Obama is talking about how the republicans are scared of women and orphans. This is exactly why! They don’t stop at anything to hurt people. They hate Israelis but love to use the country’s infrastructure. Give them a piece of land in the Saudi dessert and let them kill each other there

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