Photo Credit: TPS
Scene of the bombing attack at Hizmeh - May 11, 2016

This has got to be one of the strangest Arab terror cells captured to date in Israel.

On the eve of Israel’s Memorial Day a series of bombs exploded in the Hizme junction, seriously wounding an IDF officer.


The Shabak announced today that in a combined effort between the Shabak and the IDF’s Duvdevan unit, the terror cell which exploded the bombs has been captured. The cell had been planning additional attacks near Maale Adumim.

What is surprising is the makeup of the terror cell.

Three of the five Arab terrorists are dentists, one is a (male) nurse who works in a hospital (which wasn’t named). Two of the suspects had been arrested earlier which apparently led to the capture of the entire cell.

The terror suspects arrested in this raid were:

Dr. Samer Mahmoud Daoud al-Halabi, born in 1980, a resident of Abu Dis, a dentist – he placed and activated the bombs by cellphone.

Dr. Dagana Faiz Gamil Nabhan, born in 1980, a resident of the Kalandia, a dentist – he assisted al-Halabi.

Daoud Mahmoud Shehada al-Halabi, born in 1952, a resident of Abu Dis, a (male) nurse in a hospital – the father of the perpetrator.

Dr. Daoud Mahmud al-Halabi Shehadeh, born in 1974, a resident of Abu Dis, a dentist – the terrorist’s brother and his assistant in the bombing.

Shadi Mohamed Ahmed Muhsen, born in ’84, a resident of Abu Dis – the perpetrator’s cousin and an assistant in the bombing.

The surname al-Halabi indicates the family immigrated to Israel from Aleppo [Haleb], Syria.

The medical terrorists

The bombs were originally made and stored in one of the dental clinics in the village of Akav.

Security forces found 56 small pipe bombs, as well as one larger bomb, and two Molotov cocktails.

The professional assessment was that all the bombs were very lethal.

So much for the theory that well-educated, upper-middle class Muslims will not get involved in terror.

56 small but powerful pipe bombs.

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  1. This despicable act to try to take innocent lives by savages cloaking themselves in medical terminology shows the extent of radicalized Islam brainwashing. Again the IDF is the life-supporting buffer zone between anarchy and civilization and peace.

  2. What strikes me is their age. The father is the only one who saw the 1967 war. The other 4 have had a much better life and chose a path of lies and destruction. Where was the father? Did the father poison the minds?

  3. about 300 million are and that's enough !! and the moderate (so-called ) ones don't speak out against the violent ones because they themselves are so fearful and indoctrinated with their poisonous ideology pummelled into their brains and hearts from a young young age…

  4. all of dentists teeth should fall out except one and that one should give them such pain that an israeli dentist would be called to extracate the teeth with a pair of pliers and without any pain killer so that they will remember this while they rot in jail.

  5. “The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.”- Bukhari (52:177); Hadith (Website: The Religion of Peace)

    In the words of Turkish PM Erdogan regarding the term "moderate Islam" to describe the AKP party – "These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

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    Search for the following: "Learn about Islam. That is the most important thing for people to do. Learn who it is that you are not." – Samuel Lurie

  6. This despicable incident calls into question the ethics and honesty of all Arab health workers and other professionally trained people in the Arab villages. If even a dentistry degree isn't enough to uplift a person from making pipe bombs, they're beyond hope. Where is the condemnation from the Arab medical community?

  7. I didn't say that. A Muslim who embraces only the tolerant nice verses of the Koran & simply adheres to harmless practices and, importantly, openly rejects all of the hostile, hate-filled, genocidal, and all bad and evil in much of Islam, is a good Muslim. They consider themselves Islamic, but of course, that's their own opinion, not that of codified Islam.
    See, for example, The Muslim Reform Movement.

  8. Imprisionment is not enough, if they were Israel's they would be tortured and beheaded. Dentists have a history of being depressed and committing suicide, hopefully they will follow the findings of psychiatrists world wide and do the needful.

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