Photo Credit: Hillel Meier / TPS
Scene of stabbing attack in Rosh Ha'Ayin.

A female Arab terrorist stabbed an Israeli before she was put out of action by a nearby security guard who overpowered her, knocking the knife out of her hand.

The attacker was not shot. She was restrained by the security guard until police arrived. When her bag was searched authorities discovered a second knife as well.


The victim was a woman in her 30s who suffered a minor hand wound. She remained conscious and was treated at the scene by medics from the Magen David Adom emergency response team.

Police the stabber is in custody and being questioned to more fully understand her motives.



  1. I got a ticket the other night making a deposit to the ATM in this town (1,000 Sheqels Ticket) – This was after midnite – I told the police that I did not feel safe in this city (hence parking as close to the ATM as possible) & I will be bringing this article to court as evidence & proof (because we can clearly see that revenue generation is more important than Jewish Blood)

  2. Her motives???? They don't understand terrorists motives by now? I don't know what "neutralize" means exactly. She needs to go to prison for a long time & hopefully, re-educated, like respecting human life! Article doesn't say where she is from, only where attack occured. WIll her home be demolished? I'm still wondering about neutralized?……

  3. Neutralized means she goes to see Allah. The money that they would spend on her "prison for a long time" is better spent taking care of victims of this terrorist. Hopefully her home will be demolished with her and other terrorists in it. Now that is how to make the world a better place.

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