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Hamburger Morgenpost, a German newspaper which reprinted Charlie Hebdo cartoons, was firebombed overnight. Jan. 11, 2014.

A German newspaper was firebombed overnight after it printed cartoons from the Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Several newspapers have been reprinting cartoons originally published by the French satire magazine in a gesture of solidarity after the brutal terrorist attack last week in which 12 people were executed by Islamist terrorists.


Charlie Hebdo‘s cartoonists were targeted specifically for publishing cartoons which depicted Islam’s prophet Muhammed. Radical Islamists deem such portrayals to be so heretical that people deserve to die for merely drawing and or publishing such cartoons.

An incendiary device was thrown through the window of the German newspaper, Hamburger Morgenpost, (German Morning Post, also known as “Mopo”) Saturday night, Jan. 10-11. No one was in the building at the time, but documents caught fire.

The official twitter feed of the newspaper stated: “It is true, tonight there was an attack on our editorial staff.” Another tweet exclaimed, “Paris was just the beginning of the apocalypse in Europe.”

The paper announced that two suspects have been arrested.


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  1. Flash forward 2 years. Obama is out of office. He travels around the world to the Capitals of the Muslim world for big pay days to announce that HE is their friend and supports the poor Muslims who have been urinated on by the Bushes and their ilk. "I had to act Christian so I could get elected but I am you." That will get him off the hook for leaving Islam -temporarily- so please doing shoot me. In one year he will have amassed millions and then he will lobby to be head of the UN where he can continue to harass Israel and the US, using the protection of the bully pulpit of the UN. Just watch.

  2. No surprise to me what is happening in greater Europe … when you play with fire, you eventually get burned. I hope … though I do not think so … these events will be a wake-up call to western nations.
    It's just such a PITY no-one wants to listen to Israel's warnings!

  3. This is what the western governments get for mollycoddling terrorists, and allowing them to even come back home! Revoke their citizenship, and their passports, and let them live out their pathetic lives in their chosen world of swirling sand and let blood. Let them die there, sooner or later…Preferably today…

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