Photo Credit: Courtesy Israel Police
Bedouin terrorist's Toyota jeep at the scene of the crime

Bedouin city Umm al-Hiran’s resident terrorist Yacoub Musa Abu Al-kiaan, last Wednesday rammed his brand new Toyota jeep into a group of police who were carrying out a demolition order, killing policeman Erez Levi, 34, from the city of Yavneh in central Israel. Arab MKs tried to present the incident as police shooting a caring father (of 12) concerned with taking his daughter to school, but that version did not jive with the drone video showing him taking aim and accelerating directly at the cops. Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan called the ramming a “terror attack,” justifying the killing of the driver.

But only one reporter, Makor Rishon’s Yehuda Yifrach, bothered to ask how a Bedouin squatter who, like the many men in his village, was described as a lowly teacher struggling to feed his 25 children, was able to acquire such a luxury vehicle with which he pressed to death a young Jewish policeman.


Yifrach checked his figures on Israel’s social security calculator, about the income level of an average Bedouin man in the Jewish State, and reports the following as a common case:

The Bedouin man marries four wives on average, as permitted by Sharia law, and in order to comply with Israel’s anti-polygamy laws, he lets go of the first three in a fictitious divorce ceremony at the local Sharia Court, which is recognized by the state. Naturally, all four wives and their children remain in the compound and the polygamist lifestyle continues uninterrupted.

The Sharia Kadi orders the Bedouin man to pay his ex-wife alimony to the tune of 50 shekels ($13) for each one of her children.

The divorced wife then goes to the social security office and say they cannot live on such a ridiculous budget. At which point each wife receives (all the figures here are monthly) 2,963 shekels ($777.87) for additional child support, plus the regular child support for 25 children, about 4,074 shekels ($1,069.54), as well as income guarantee to the tune of 3,373 shekels ($885.51) for each wife, and the total comes to 23,082 shekels ($6,059.7) tax-free per month, which, by the way, comes to a cool 4,000 shekels ($1,050.12) more than the monthly net income of a government minister.

This poor Bedouin squatter ends up taking home $72,716.4 annually tax-free.

He can certainly afford a fancy, late-model Toyota jeep.


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