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Israeli Border Guard Police officers set up a road block to seal the entrance to the Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of Jabel Mukabar.

A new anti-terror security barrier was built Wednesday to protect residents living and traveling in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv from the hostility of Arab residents in Jabel Mukabar.

The high barrier was built between Rehov Meir, the main street in Armon Hanatziv, and the hostile next-door Arab neighborhood in an attempt to prevent firebombing and stone-throwing attacks by Arab terrorists.


More than a few are residents of Jabel Mukabar, including the three who perpetrated two lethal attacks on Tuesday, the deadliest so far this year.

If the experiment proves successful, similar barriers will be built in other areas around the capital as well, according to the Hebrew-language 0404 website.

Israeli police began temporarily sealing the neighborhoods that have become incubators for terror within hours after receiving authorization from the Security Cabinet.

The first to be cut off was Jabel Mukabar, home to Ala Abu Jamal, 33, a Bezeq technician and one of Tuesday’s jihadists.

Until that morning, Jamal was simply known as the cousin of the Har Nof terrorists and an employee at an Israeli utility company. His relatives had shot and stabbed Jewish worshipers with axes, knives and a gun as they prayed in Kehillat Bnei Torah, a synagogue in the Har Nof neighborhood in Jerusalem. The dead included four anglo immigrant rabbis and a Druze Israeli police officer who responded to their desperate call for help. Seven others were badly wounded. It was to Jamal that the television cameras turned during the mourning period at the family home in Jabel Mukabar; he became a media star. Then everything quieted down.

On Tuesday, the Bezeq technician decided to join his cousins on the martyrs’ roll. Jamal rammed his Bezeq car into a crowd of people, many of them elderly, waiting at a bus stop on Malchei Yisrael Street in central Jerusalem. He then leaped out of the car and stabbed those who were still standing, butchering a 60-year-old rabbi in the process. At the end he was shot and killed.

A number of other terrorists have hailed from the same neighborhood. Now all the entrances to Jabel Mukabar have been blocked with concrete barriers.

By 11 pm Wednesday, Israeli security forces had also set up temporary road blocks at the entrances to the neighborhoods of Ras el Amud, and Sur Baher.

More than 4,500 police officers are currently patrolling Jerusalem, supplemented by nearly a thousand additional Border Guard Police officers and 300 IDF combat soldiers.

Security personnel and government leaders will reconvene to assess the situation as needed, officials said.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. I have been contemplating how to deal with the rise of individualized terror attacks against Jews in Israel. Shooting will stop the individual, but not the impetus. Islam is a Death Cult and becoming shaheed is a desired end, not a feared outcome. it is why the Cold War Nuclear philosophy of Mutually Assured Destruction in an impotent philosophy against Iran. Death is welcome to them.

    Preaching will not work. One of the key tenets of Islam is that Islam is superior to all other philosophies and no other philosophy has anything to offer Islam. It is why missionaries, blasphemers, apostates, and infidels are executed. Islam holds the non-believer is less than a true human and; like Ann Coulter’s belief towards Jews, believe the only hope for these less than true humans is to be perfected by conversion to their One True Way.

    So the answer is to find a deterrent within Islam.

    In Islam it is mandatory that the dead be carried to the burial site and mandatory fellow Muslims follow. Such an act is said to carry great rewards, and is why Islamic funerals are so big. The dead did not know them: they are Reward Parasites hoping to gain favour by the act.

    “Whoever attends the funeral from the house until the funeral prayer is offered will have one qeeraat, and whoever attends the funeral until the deceased is buried will have two qeeraats.” al-Janaa’iz, CE 1240 by al-Bukhaari

    In addition, Muslims should not be buried with Infidels, nor Infidels with Muslims. The Muslim should be buried in the Muslim graveyard. The Sunnah is to put the deceased into the grave from the end, then he should be turned onto his right side in the grave, with his face facing towards the qiblah in Mecca. The one who puts him into the lahd should say,

    “Bismillaahi wa ‘ala sunnat Rasool-Allaahi or ‘ala millat Rasool-Allaahi “peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him” “In the name of Allaah and according to the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allaah or according to the religion of the Messenger of Allah”
    Saheeh Sunan Abi Dawood, CE 836 by al-Albaani

    It is mustahabb for those who are at the grave to throw handfuls of earth, three handfuls scooped up in both hands, after the lahd has been sealed. Finally the grave itself is required to be raised about four inches higher that the surrounding area. This is to insure everyone knows it is a grave site.

    And herein lies the deterrent I would suggest. Take a lesson from the U.S. Navy Seals. Since Islam is a Death Cult and has very specific proscriptions and requirements regarding death, deny the dead their lionization, their reward. Yes. Shoot the terrorists, then take to bodies to sea on an Israeli Navy ship and give them a Chevra Kadisha burial at sea. Destroy their reward, destroy the chance of gaining qeeraats in the eyes of Allah, place them in a grave where they are certainly buried with Infidels dating back to the Phoenicians, Greek and Roman sailors in a grave guaranteeing they do not face Mecca. Deny them the reward they so desperately seek as shaheed. Deny thier family, their friends, their community, qeeraat.

    Qeeraat- a recitation of the Koran
    Sunnah- holy deed or action of the Prophet Mohammad
    Mustahabb- a suggested but not required religious action.
    Lahd- burial niche

  2. This is a ware no doubt about it a ware to the finish. It is the time to declare sovereignties over the templemount. Once it is done. Give the arabs certain days and other days for the Jews.
    This is the bigest mistake that Moshe Dayan made in 1967 by giving Jordan the courtesie to rull over the tempelmout.

  3. Why had the govt. to wait for so many casualties to seal off such a dangerous viper nest as mukabar? this place must be RASED not just sealed off now. Its residents must be run out to ramallah or better, the jordan border. This would be an "experiment" not just sealing off a viper nest.

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