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An Arab child and his father on the Temple Mount playing with a toy gun.

The government of Jordan warned Israel on Sunday there would be “grave repercussions” if Jews continue to ascend to the Temple Mount to visit Judaism’s holiest site over the Passover holiday.

Officials in Amman issued a statement warning of “grave repercussions of break-ins by groups of Israeli settlers and occupation forces into Al Aqsa Mosque/ Al Haram Al Sharif,” The Jordan Times reported.


“Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communications Mohammad Momani said the violations by the Israeli occupation forces and settlers against worshipers at Al Aqsa Mosque / Al Haram Al Sharif constitute a breach of international laws and conventions, warning that such practices will lead to grave repercussions.”

The minister, who also serves as spokesperson for the Amman government, told the official Petra News Agency in a statement that Jordan “called on the occupation forces to immediately cease such practices and to prevent Israeli settlers and occupation forces from entering the yards of the holy mosque.”

Momani also “called on the occupation forces to allow Palestinian worshipers to enter the holy mosque and to allow them to perform their religious rituals… Occupation authorities have increased security in Jerusalem for the eight-day Passover festival, during which thousands of Jews come to the city to celebrate,” he added.

Any Israeli Jew — in fact, any Jew — is defined as a “settler” — by most Arab officials. The Israeli government is always referred to as the “occupation forces” and the site of the Temple Mount in its entirety, grounds and all, is referred to as the “Al Aqsa Mosque / Al Haram Al Sharif.”

Jordan seems somehow to forget that its own forces just barely occupied the ancient site for the blink of an eye, less than two decades (1948 to 1967).

The lives of the People of Israel have been intimately interwoven with its history for millenia — as proven by the archaeological artifacts constantly being discovered even in today’s dust.

None of this is new, and in fact it is getting really, really old.

Jordan has never really accepted these facts – nor has the rest of the international community – or for that matter, the reality that Israel reasserted its ownership over the territory because it won the defensive war forced upon it by its hostile Arab neighbors, including Jordan, in 1967.

That, despite Israeli officials repeatedly having warned Amman to stay out of the conflict in order to avoid having to fight a neighbor with whom relations were more or less neutral, if not positive.

The fact that the government of Jordan had used much of Judaism’s holiest site, Islam’s “third holiest site” as a latrine and garbage dump simply escapes international memory.

Had the so-called Jewish “invaders” back then and today been Da’esh (ISIS) fighters the holy site probably would have been obliterated and there would be nothing to discuss.

Instead it was the Jewish State who extended its hand in peace and conciliation. Israel offered the Jordanian Islamic Waqf control over the Temple Mount area despite its status as Judaism’s holiest site and kept complete control over the Western Wall for Israel.

And Jordan has proved itself to be among those of the Biblical Ishmael: as is the nature of Arab nations, the hand offered in peace was bitten and then swallowed up to the elbow. Today the Temple Mount has become a safe zone for Muslim clerics to freely incite against Israel and Jews.



  1. why Egypt is not hostile? but Jordan, because as per the Prophecies of GENESIS 15:18-19 when it fulfills in this very END OF DAYS/AGE before the time of ESTABLISHMENT OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD, firstly and chiefly in midst of ZION and JERUSALEM, these 10 arab tribes or nations will be kicked/booted out beyond Euphrates.

  2. Jordan gives new meaning to "chutzpah"–No other country would trip over its own feet attempting to placate a devoted, life long enemy as Israel has with the Arabs over Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel, a country so unique in world history by epitomizing the survival of the Jewish people and the return of their tribes to their homeland.

    Despite the Temple Mount and Kotel defining Jewish culture and religion, the wrold that never had our back before, demands that we must tip toe around that part of our Jerusalem; to forget how the Royal Jordanian Legion sacked, burnt, and destroyed the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem when it was captured in 1948. Now we must also defend Jerusalem as the Eternal Capitol of Eretz Yisrael, by confronting in our daily lives the interference in Israel's affairs by the same European countries whose animus towards their Jews destroyed 6 million of our people.

    When will Israel simply declare that the Dome of the Rock and the Mosque al Aska are the actual intruders that violate the sanctity of the Jewish religion and the state of Israel, built on the ruins of our Second Temple?

  3. The Arabs have always been maximalists and it seems there not planning to change even though it's always at the expense of their Palestinian brothers. They may overplay their hand once again let's hope we are wiser than in 1967.

  4. One additional observation I will share. The Kingdom of Jordon andKing Abdullah have not publicly demanded of us like since one day before the 6-Day War. Firstly you are not your Father. Second Whiz boy Obama has one foot out the door and even he back you on this insanity he'd get the same answer you have received. Lastly, you talk big as care-taker key word CARE-TAKER NOT OWNED BY. YOU HAVE A 70% Palestinian population who could tweek their song from the River to the sea. Keep your Bedouin Legion close and happy. You have a flood of refugees. How many are like in Europe IS terrorists. You also need to concern yourself with Hizbollah, Al Queda Al Nursa IS Syria. Do you want to pick a fight with Istael about Al Aksa & the Temple Mount full of lies to divert attention. All you are carrying and a member of the coalition could sink you. Let it pass

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