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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) meets with Jordan's King Abdullah II, at the Royal Palace in Amman, Jordan.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II has stepped up to intervene in the groundswell of Arab terror aimed at Jews that if not halted, could become a tsunami to drown Arab-Israeli relations for decades.

In a response to a statement made by Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the weekend, the Hashemite monarch “welcomed” the initiative and said he believed it would help end the violence.


“I heard the statements made by Prime Minister Netanyahu and his affirmation of his commitment to uphold the status quo. This is a commitment that we welcome very much here and we hope to see that those commitments are implemented on the ground,” the monarch said.

“I believe that this would allow the violence to end, to decrease the tension and I hope will allow a resumption of efforts to readdress the core issues through negotiations because this is an issue that has to be dealt with as quickly as possible,” he added.

Netanyahu said in his statement on Saturday night that Israel would install security cameras at the Temple Mount. At the Sunday morning cabinet meeting, the prime minister reiterated Israel would continue to maintain the status quo at the Temple Mount, and “welcomes coordination” at the site with Jordan.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry added his own stamp of approval, supporting the installation of CCTV cameras to record events at the Temple Mount 24/7. The idea did not make local Israeli Arab leaders happy.

King Abdullah’s intervention is a positive contribution to a very complicated picture, one in which local Arabs are once again digging themselves into a great big pit of self-destruction.

Moreover, not only is Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas not doing anything to stop the incitement and terror himself: he is, in fact, ahead of the pack and leading the terrorists.

The unbridled, undisciplined “makeshift kitchen cabinet attacks” by the inspired, unthinking and passionate Arab teens and young adults are the culmination of decades of careful planning and methodical brainwashing curricula formulated by Abbas.

It was Abbas, with a PhD doctorate, who carefully directed the creation of television and radio programs for children, teens and adults; and photos and articles via print and digital media; to further craft and reinforce the message of hatred and purging the land of Jews.

Abbas, who approved and applauded public ceremonies to name important landmarks after those who murdered Israelis and carried out deadly terror attacks.

Abbas, who made sure the schools reinforced that message from the youngest grades through university, in textbooks and in the classrooms and in every extra-curricular activity.

Abbas blessed “every drop of blood, clean blood, pure blood, spilled in Jerusalem.” Abbas, who would like to survive the next assassination attempt by Hamas. He knows a good offense is the best defense.

The Hashemite monarch, meanwhile, has every reason in the world to invest his energies in quelling the current unrest across his border.

Jordan can ill afford unrest in Israel with a savage Da’esh (ISIS) sitting on three of its four borders, and the Jewish State the only local ally close enough to help fend off the barbarians, save Egypt and the U.S.

Unlike Israel, the U.S. is unlikely to put boots on the ground to meet that challenge, and Egypt is already at capacity fighting ISIS itself.

Israel, however, is willing and able to deal with the threat of radical Islamic terror in whatever form it must, in order to end it, for the most important reason of all: The threat of radical Islam that faces Jordan, faces Israel as well.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. King Abdullah is a piece of garbage!…He is part of the reason this happened, for crying out loud!!! He’s been paying the hags at the Temple Mount/OUR HAR HABAYIT to harass all the Jews who came up there!!! They refused and blocked the Jews from taking a drink from the water fountains…which WE PAY FOR AND SUPPLY THE WATER!!! And this BASTARD is going to “step in and deal with the ‘wave of terror'” that he helped created. Tell him, from me…to DROP DEAD…and the sooner, the better!!!

  2. Jordan stepping in or at least paying lip service is still a good thing. Israel needs the world's support when they need to bomb Iranian nuclear sites. The support of arab countries justifies whatever Israel must do in self defense. Israel can't be at peace if the world, the United Nations, Europe, all condemn Israel's actions. Yes, it would be good to rid ourselves of all Arabs but without world support for self defense, the world will condem, cut off Israel, including the US as long as Obama is in office. After the next US election, hopefully, the next President will give Israel ALL the support they need. In the meantime, Israel has to stop the terrorism in Israel & Jordan's words help.

  3. It is time to get real teachers into philistines schools and students into the classrooms instead of their running amuck.where are the parents of these hooligans? at work in Israel to make a lving since the pa authority does not employ them as they use their funds to fund murder.

  4. Before Obama came along, the U.S. had a long standing policy that it will not negotiate with terrorists, Israel needs to adopt this policy as well. As we have seen over the last sixty six years, negotiating with terrorists is an exercise in futility. Of course, my premise assumes that both sides are interested in peace, clearly this is not the case. Terrorists will accept only one solution, a modern day version of the final solution, starting with Israel and will eventually reverberate around the world, until the last flicker of Jews and Judaism is extinguished permanently. With this fact in mind, Israel should state loudly and clearly that there will be no further discussion of “peace talks” until the Palestinians completely dissolve the current Palestinian Authority government. Jordan did not suddenly become a bastion of concern for the welfare of Israel. It’s in Jordan’s interests to squelch the current intifada against Israel because the upheaval will eventually extend into Jordan. . Still, if Jordan wants to take direct efforts to stop the latest round of Palestinian aggression against Israel, the why is less important than the how. Also, let’s remember the Palestinians are responsible for this problem, not Israel, so when we hear remarks from people like Ban ki Moon insinuating that this violence was initiated by both sides, this is simply wrong and inaccurate. Also, who invited Kerry, Netanyahu should tell him, the U.S. has eighteen trillion dollars of debt, a bubble economy, racial tensions, hyper partisanship, and a deteriorating stature in the world, instead of barging into affairs that are none of your business, start addressing your own problems. When I watch and read what Israel has been subjected to, I have two emotions. First, great sorrow, many a tear has streamed from my eyes and the next emotion is anger, anger that this bull has been going on for the last sixty six years. Anger that the international community will condemn Israel, while giving the Palestinians a free pass. Anger over the gross hypocrisy. Israel is a peace loving and peace seeking country. But, there are times when military intervention is needed, this is one of those times.

  5. The Jews are being killed by his "people, basically" and Netanyahu can't bend over fast enough to bow to the Arabs. Disgusting.

    Does anyone really think if Jews stop going onto OUR TEMPLE MOUNT the Arabs will stop their hating and their monstrous terror? I think NOT. These filthy leaders live their lives in an ivory tower of power, money and delusion.

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