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Moshe Kachlon.

Kulanu party chairman Moshe Kachlon rushed off a letter of apology on Wednesday to U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro in the wake of Oren’s sharp criticism of President Barack Obama by Kulanu  Knesset Member Michael Oren.

Oren gave a sneak preview of his book, “Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide,” in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal this week in which he charged that Obama purposely harmed the relationship with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.


Kachlon is the Finance Minister in the Netanyahu coalition government, but Oren’s new book, which records his observations of his term as Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, set off fears in Kachlon’s mind that everyone in Washington is saying, “Oh, rats. The Kulanu party is out to get us, so let’s get out the darts and use them for target practice on its leader Kachlon, because we are going to have deal with this guy one day.”

Naftali Bennett, chairman  of the Bayit Yehudi (Jewish Home) party, must be rolling the floor laughing today after reading Kachlon’s letter.

Bennett led a “stop apologizing” campaign in the elections, in which he said it is time for Israel to stop saying it is sorry for being such a thorn in the side of the world that wants them to behave like toy soldiers and let the gods of the State Dept. and the European Union run the country.

The entire text of Kachlon’s letter is printed below. Before he apologized, he made it clear that has concern is for the image of his party, as if Shapiro cares. He wrote:

Allow me to state that when I initiated ‘Kulanu’ my main goal was to establish a Zionist party that puts Israel’s security and its citizens’ prosperity and well-being as top priority.”

After setting out his credentials as another pompous politician, Kachlon explained to the Ambassador how much he believes  that the “intimate” relationship between Israel and the United States and American support for Israel are great assets.

He then told Oren how smart he is for figuring out all by himself, in a single day, that Oren’s book might cause controversy.

Assuming Shapiro had not already thrown the letter away, he read that Kachlon wrote:

First, “Ally” was written long before Dr. Oren joined ‘Kulanu’ or was even considered by me to join the party.

Second, ‘Ally” is a personal memoir of Dr. Oren….and therefore present s personal perspective and experience while serving as Ambassador.

Kachlon did not even mention the content of the book. His only problem with the book is that it was written by a member of his party, which one day he hopes will run the country.

Kachlon does not understand that President Barack Obama leaves office in 2016 and that there is reasonable chance that a Republican will be in the White House.

Any Republican, no matter who, will have a better understanding of the world than Obama.

The next American Ambassador to Israel might be scratching his head and wondering why Kachlon did not endorse Oren’s book.




  1. "Any Republican, no matter who, will have a better understanding of the world than Obama."

    Any Republican is likely to be mauled by his party's lunatics in the primaries; and regardless of who is president in 2017, Oren's book was as much a pile of garbage as this paper's writer

  2. And just where in his letter does Kahlon apologise? He Doesn't apologise!

    He grovels to the American Ambassador (and therefore by extension to Obama) but there is no apology in his letter.

    It would have been better for Kahlon and his party had he not grovelled and bowed like a lap dog to the Obama Administration and therefore, indicate that he's prepared to do their dirty work for them – but did anyone really think that Kahlon was going to support Israel over Obama?

    No! he's doing what even centre-leftist (but leftist all the same) politicians always do – choose Obama over Israel.

  3. Israel is in serious need of a dictatorship of sorts. Its political system is a shambles and produces one useless coalition after the other where in this case and many others, a member of the so called coalition shoots his mouth off on the world stage. A pathetic grovelling apologetic Jew if ever there was one whose mind is only fixated on internal politics.

    A country that faces existential threats day in day out cannot afford mistakes on any front and needs to be united where cabinet members keep their mouth shut unless authorised to speak. Israeli style coalition Governments are useless and have no concept of Hasbara.

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