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Hassnain Aliamin , one of four Muslim teenagers who attacked a Jew in Gateshead.

A British court has heard testimony of a pre-mediated attack by four Muslim teenagers on a Jew in Gateshead and who was saved by a family friend who heard his screams.

The attackers were identified as Balawi Sultan, Kesa Malik, Hassanain Alimain and a 16-year-old, one of whom contradicted his gang member claims they simply were looking for a mosque. He admitted they were on the prowl to attack a Jew last July.


The gang wanted to protest about the conflict between Israel and Arabs and against a Jew in Gateshead, which hosts large Haredi population.

Sultan had sent a text message that “I’m going to go Jew-bashing. Haha,” the British Chronicle Live reported.

They randomly targeted a 41-year-old Jews who has been studying Torah at a yeshiva and was walking home to his family around midnight, when the gang spring from their van and jumped on him.

The victim, whose name was not published, fled in fear as the gang threw a piece of wood at him. He then tripped, giving the attackers the opportunity to surround him while the victim screamed. Help me. Help me.”

One of the gang threatened to kick his Jewish target in the head, and he drew back his foot just when a family friend of the victim intervened after hearing his screams.  The friend arrived while two members of the gang were kneeling on top of the victim while the other two watched.

“It was his intervention which caused the attack to come to an end,” the prosecutor told the court.

The victim told Newcastle Crown Court, according to Chronicle Live:

I feel shaken and unsafe to walk the streets in my own community. I have never experienced fear and terror like it and I have no doubt I was attacked for being Jewish

I was targeted because of my religion and I’m now scared to walk past members of the Asian community with whom otherwise I have no problem. When I come across a person from the Middle East I feel scared and petrified…..

I have been greatly affected by it and but for the intervention of my friend the consequences could have been far worse.

Now, coming home at night fills me with fear.

Prosecutors said that the gang targeted the man because he was wearing a black hat and suit, traditionally worn by Haredim.

The lawyer for one of the gang members, age 18, said he apologized for the attack and had brought shame on his family.

The attorney for the minor, who now is 17, said his client “understands this kind of behavior is utterly unacceptable” and added that “he was only 16 at the time.”

Sentencing will be handed down at a later date.

It remains to be seen if the judge will let them off the hook because one of them “apologized” and another said he really shouldn’t have done such a naughty thing as attacking a Jew, as if it has not become common practice in Europe today.



  1. Jews world-wide will have to accept the uncomfortable truth that – generally speaking – they are not safe in any nation on Planet Earth except for Israel. Yes – Israel has her own set of trouble – but at least they are free to go their way without being singly attacked because they are Jewish.

  2. Sorry they got caught is not the same as sorry for what they did. Punishment should be to turn them over to the Jewish community that suffered. They will issue punishment. Hopefully it will be what I have in mind. NEVER EVER AGAIN.

  3. as a Jew my sentiment is different. never again does not meant crouch in to see what your enemy will do next but to take action. don't go to the authorities to bemoan your fear
    . instead have your community hire someone to teach K. MAGA. saying we live in fear tarnishes the memories of all those who fell for Israel. They were our Moshehs who taught us Chazak Chazak V'Nitchazayk. -public pronouncement of fear without defensive self-action is pathetic. Read about Zev Jabotinsky. wilfred (zev) weinstein

  4. These young men need to remember that Britain gave the world the term "Paki-Bashing." I'm sure that their parents and grandparents remember what it was like to be a Muslim immigrant in England in the recent past, especially for those who chose to wear traditional modest dress. And at 16, one SHOULD know the difference between moral/ethical behavior and immoral/unethical/illegal behavior. No pass there!

  5. I live in Newcastle upon Tyne, just over from Gateshead. Readers may like to know that Gateshead hosts the largest yeshiva in Europe, has a large haredi community, and attracts students from France and elsewhere. It is all too easy to identify Jews there.

  6. In Islam, trhe regular age of maturity (bulugh) for men is generally 15. So, yes, he should haave known right from wrong, but would not have considered kicking a Jew to be wrong.

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