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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

When the people of Egypt decided to overthrow its (allegedly) democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Morsi through a military coup, the United States was not pleased.

Never mind that Morsi, during his exceptionally short 11-month tenure as president, tore up the old constitution and began replacing it with a strict Islamist document that would hurtle Egypt back through time, negating any progress in the area of human and equal rights.


Nope. Obama and his crowd was not interested in punishing Morsi, an anti-West, anti-modernity Egyptian leader who had attained power through the revolutionary crucible of what was initially believed to be an “Arab spring.”

Instead, the U.S. punished the new democratically-elected leader, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, as his rise to power was via the military. Sisi’s, unlike Morsi’s, was not a pure people’s revolutionary paroxysm and therefore was not embraced. The U.S. punished Egypt for this unacceptable folly by imposing an arms freeze.

But on Tuesday, March 31, the White House announced that it was lifting that arms freeze. The U.S. removed its hold on the delivery of F-16 aircraft, Harpoon missiles and M1A1 tank kits, according to the New York Times.

It only took two years, but U.S. President Barack Obama spoke by phone with Sisi on Tuesday, informing the Egyptian leader that the $1.3 billion annual military assistance to Egypt would continue, despite the 2013 military coup.

In a Middle East realignment that was not what Obama envisioned nor encouraged, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have become the military counterbalances to Iran’s creeping hegemony in the region.

The Saudi Kingdom has been bombing the Iranian-backed revolutionaries in neighboring Yemen, and Egypt has hinted that it may soon send in ground troops to support the Saudi air campaign.



  1. The increase of Antisemitism that has prospered across the globe during the Obama administration is PATHETIC!. To actually start seeing the effects of such hatred in a small north country town (pop. 1000) of Minnesota is very much unexpected and such a false representation of the community.

    Walker Minnesota’s hometown newspaper gets on the bandwagon with Obama’s administration of antisemitism tactics!

    “Joe Wade > Walker Pilot Independent
    20 mins · – Is Antisemitism in play here? , Walker Pilot Independent , Why have you removed EVERY post I made to this fb site in regards to current events relative to the State of Israel , such as the Prime Ministers talk to congress, the P5+1 status (iran nuclear agreement status). Reliable , Verifiable informative posts such as those sourced from The Jewish Press ?

    just saying ….

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