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The tent under which Arab leaders are meeting for the 27th Arab League summit. / Photo credit: Al Arabiya

In a message of greeting to the heads of state of the Arab League assembling in Nouakchott, Mauritania on Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Moscow considers the existing status quo on Palestine unacceptable and called for re-launching the negotiation process, TASS reported.

“We also intend to continue to provide all possible assistance in resolving the Palestinian problem acting through both the bilateral channels and within various multilateral formats,” Putin said, adding, “We believe the existing status quo is unacceptable and favor creating the conditions for the speedy re-launching of the negotiation process that will be aimed at creating an independent, viable and integral Palestinian state with its capital in East Jerusalem peacefully coexisting with its neighbors.”


The annual Arab League summit’s agenda includes combating terrorism and the ongoing civil wars in Libya and Syria. Political analyst Youssef Cherif told Daily News Egypt that the Arab League is having one of its weakest meetings ever, since so many of its member nations are facing internal turmoil. The Moroccan delegation is boycotting the summit, saying the reason for its withdrawal is that “in an absence of decisions and concrete initiatives, this summit will be a mere gathering for speeches that imply fake unity among Arab countries.”

Only nine Arab heads of state are attending the summit—13 heads of states said they will not be able to come. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi will not be at the summit and Egypt will be represented by Prime Minister Sherif Ismai.

Nevertheless, President Putin urged the Arab League states to fight against terrorism in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen and other tense areas. “Russia is ready to strengthen in every possible way its interaction with the Arab League in ensuring regional security, first and foremost, in the struggle against the threat of international terrorism,” Putin said in his address to the summit.


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  1. I think it is time we start going behind the superficial rhetoric instead of simply repeating them.
    We are living in historic times as many nations, alliances, Unions are fighting for their lives.
    The "Palestinian agenda" is gradually becoming a "side-show" while the real fights, concerns are very clearly elsewhere.
    Still there are some keywords within Putin's message Israel can point at.

    He used the word "viable" and "integral" describing the future Palestinian state.
    We know very well that viable has nothing to do with the size or shape of a nations territory.
    We can point at multiple "city-states" that are phenomenally successful and we can point at nations with huge, uninterrupted land mass that are constantly struggling.

    Whether a nation is successful or not depends on how homogenous, united the people are, if they can find a suitable governing, economic and social structure, proper leadership, if they can live in peace among themselves first of all and if they enjoy true support from others.

    In relation to the Palestinians none of those conditions apply. In truth apart from Israel nobody actually cares about the Palestinians, they are simply used as pawns, cannon fodder locked into a ghetto created by the wars Arab nations started against the Jewish Nation.

    Thus in today's historic context, as most regional nations and world powers worrying about their own existence it is time Israel stopped playing the game others are forcing, stopped fruitless appeasement and took matters and its fate into its own hands.
    Only Israel can secure its own survival and its secure borders and only Israel can find true solution for the Palestinians.

    But in order for such unprecedented steps, decisions to work the Jewish Nation has to stop the constant infighting, undermining, back stabbing each other that weakens the Nation dangerously.
    Only unity and mutual guarantee provides the necessary platform for the required historic changes.

  2. Mr. Hermann's logic is impeccable–Russia will doubtless continue to "lead by example" with the Ukraine and its deep concerns over the massive suffering of the Palestinian's brethren to the North. Russia has paid it lip service to the Arab League.

    But why does G-d put this into our hearing range? I think Mr. Hermann's statements on that need no further clarification.

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