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The Rabbinical Congress for Peace

Following a special meeting of the Administrative Committee of the Rabbinical Congress for Peace, the rabbis issued a call to the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government to declare a state of emergency in Israel. They issued a statement saying “there are times when a nation is confronted with war and terrorist insurgence that threaten the security and lives of its citizens. In such cases, international law acknowledges the curtailment of certain basic rights as a proactive response.”

The Rabbinical Congress for Peace (RCP), is a group of some 1,200 past and present Torah leaders from the United States, Canada and Israel, affiliated with the Zionist, Haredi and Chabad movements. In their Tuesday meeting, they lamented the fact that the past year has seen innocent Israelis being stabbed, shot and killed by their enemies, with little or no effective response from the Israeli government.


Relying on the Shulkhan Arukh, Orakh Haim 329, as well as on international law, the rabbis declared that the sanctity of life takes precedence over all else, to the extent that one is not only permitted but is obligated to desecrate Shabbat to pick up arms to repel the enemy.

Therefore, the Rabbis called on the Israeli government to “impose a complete, three-month-long closure on all towns and villages from which terrorists have come to kill Jews, as well as impose economic sanctions.”

Also, since the Israeli media justify and support (overtly or by insinuation) terrorist activity, making it the equivalent of a “fifth column” in Israel, the government should “temporarily impose a complete censorship on radio and TV for several months.” The Rabbis have “no doubt that without the support of the Israeli leftist-controlled media, terrorist activity would substantially decrease.”

The Rabbis reiterated their call to the government to “unequivocally declare the annulment of the Oslo agreements, a copy of which should be publicly torn up in the Knesset.”

In addition, “the government should also allow unlimited construction in all parts of Israel. Hesitating on these obvious measures is tantamount to the encouragement of terrorism by the government itself.”

The Rabbis declared that they are “crying out and beseeching the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, government ministers and members of the Knesset to recognize that this is ‘a time of trouble for Yaakov!’ (sic) The Torah’s prediction of the grievous consequences of transferring Israeli territory to its enemies is being actualized before our very eyes.”

Finally, the rabbis told Netanyahu: “Come to your senses and heed the instruction of the Torah, and stop the further shedding of innocent blood, which continues unabated.”



  1. No one can say whether any one of the council has served in the military or not. But for certain, they have and do serve in the army of HaShem, which service not only protects the IDF but also our collective butts. What they propose, not dictate, is right on. And there would not be such a hue and cry, if we were actually a nation of Jews, rather than a bunch of Jewish, somewhat, people trying to be more goyim than the goyim. I suppose you same people screaming what–this is not north korea—will also scream when you see Moshiach and He tells you He is KING! We have a Torah, we are meant to be a malchut, kingship, not a democracy. Our job is not tikun olam, it is tikun yourself! This pathetic, secular, Torah-hating, medinat is doing everything in its power to dilute the Torah strength of this nation and to leave us vulnerable to the daily attacks of an arab enemy that resides amongst us, as well as the lefty Torah deniers who aid and bet them. All of this is to futher their agenda of dividing this Land, that does not even belong to them, into two G-d forbid, "states" and to divide the City of HaShem among the nations. I pray every day for the fall of this medinat and the revelation of Moshiach and the cleansing of this Land from all tumah, such as idol worshippers, places of idol worship, and anyone who does not accept and follow the Torah, completely, as written and given to us by Moshe Rabbeinu, and does not stand with HKBH.

    Unfortunately, their suggestions, just like my words, fall on deaf ears because we are now in the last galut, the galut of medinat israel.

  2. And, he should listen to this group because? I remember once, speaking with an extremely learned community Rav who mentioned that someone asked him a financial question. His response: you should probably speak to your financial adviser. Wise people stick to what they know.

  3. As soon as all of the draft-eligible ultra-orthodox are enlisted in the IDF and fully-trained to participate with the implementation of their recommendations, then maybe some of them can be put up for discussion. Until the ultra-orthodox are willing to share in the "national burden" in all of its respects (including contributing to the Israeli economy), they can take their opinions on national affairs and shove them up "where the sun don't shine".

  4. Cathy Sherman and the other one: Israel is a democracy, and it's been one its entire existance.

    Basic civil rights were not suspended during the 2nd intifada when the level of terror and violence far exceeded the current situation. Yet, Irael maintained its status as a country where the rule of law governs, rather than rule by arbitrary decree

    The fact that a collection of old men in beards who have no sense of democracy (nor would their limited exposure to solely rabbinic liturature lend them any) want to declare a dictatorship should have no bearing on how the government acts.

    that is, until they get off their well-pressed pants and stand on guard, encourage their students to share the national defense burden, and fully participate in civil society

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