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Gitai Avisar attack

On Tuesday a knife wielding female Arab terrorist approached a hitchhiking post at the Gitai Avisar junction in Samaria, an incident that ended in her death. However, the enclosed dashboard camera record of the incident reveals a troubling fact about the encounter: throughout the incident, it is painfully obvious that the two armed IDF soldiers are afraid to shoot the attacker.

They are afraid – but they are not afraid of the terrorist.  They are afraid to use their weapon against her and they do everything to avoid having to pull the trigger.


It takes the two soldiers a full 10 seconds, during which they keep retreating from the knife waving attacker, ordering her back as she continues to advance zombie fashion, until they are forced to shoot her.

Then, as the attacker, who is very much alive, continues to writhe in pain on the ground, the soldiers fail to eliminate her, exposing themselves to the real danger of being blown up by an explosive device she could be carrying, or if she got up again with her knife as the Bezeq terrorist did. There is even a point in the video where the two soldiers simultaneously look behind them, losing line of sight with the still-moving terrorist.

If ever there were proof of the damage that the IDF leadership has inflicted on the ability of the soldiers on the ground to defend themselves effectively against crazed terrorist attackers — this one should be played round-the-clock at IDF headquarters. This is a video of soldiers plagued by the fear of being prosecuted for their righteous actions and a fear of being forced to use their weapon against a dangerous terrorist who has clearly stepped beyond the rational realm.

The action begins around 0:20.


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  1. Thought I was the only one troubled by their body language. Figured I was looking at men who were still socialized not to hurt a woman. Didn’t think about the fact that they’re worried about being left twisting in the wind if they can’t get through the ensuing legal review. But yes, my son and other young soldiers tell me it worries them that they will have to make their best decision in seconds and hope that it passes the political correctness of the moment. Who else is going to die because they hestiated while weighing up the legal and political ramifications.

  2. My last miluim was over 20 years ago, and rules of engagement were rather different then. If there was a threat it was incumbent on us to neutralise it immediately. We had a senior commander who was ex-USMC and he’d say ‘one to the chest and two to the head makes ’em dead!’ Perhaps the rules of engagement need to be reviewed to allow for greater freedom of action.

  3. IDF Commander-in-Chief, you must reform and revise the restriction not to fire. For the history proves that the goodness of Israel-arabs have taken most and much undue advantages now makes almost unbearable situations and high loss of your fellow noble people,property,infrastructures etc, Either you are not well prepared for the Bible times to fulfill the prophecies of MICAH 4:13 alongwith ISAIAH 41:14-16….etc,

  4. You can't say for certain it was "fear." You are not them, thank goodness. I think they hesitated out of humnaitarian concern and not really wanting to have to shoot her. They only did so when there was no other choice, and they did not kill her. After all, they had guns. She only had a knife.

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