Photo Credit: Imadmhj / Wikimedia
Lebanon's President-elect, Michel Aoun, September 2015

Saudi Arabia has warned its citizens not to travel to Lebanon, and its foreign ministry is also asking those who are already there to leave as soon as possible.

Bahrain already issued a similar travel warning a few days ago.


Both moves came in response to the flight from Lebanon by Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri, who appeared on Saudi Arabia’s official Al Arabiya television network to announce his resignation, blaming Iran and Hezbollah for the decision.

The Iranian-backed Lebanese terrorist group has two ministers in the Beirut coalition government in addition to its bloc in the parliament.

On Thursday, Hezbollah lawmakers called on Saudi Arabia to stop interfering in Lebanese affairs.

Hezbollah parliamentarians said they back the stance of President Michel Aoun, who announced he is waiting for Hariri to return to the country before he decides whether or not to accept the resignation.


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