Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of the Shapira family
Ayala Shapira, 11, is fighting for her life after suffering burn wounds when an Arab terrorist threw a Molotov cocktail at the car in which she was riding.

Doctors at Sheba Hospital in Tel Aviv said Friday morning that there is a “slight improvement” in the condition of 11-year-old Ayala Shapira, who still is fighting for her life after a Palestinian Authority terrorist set on fire the car in which she and her father were riding last night.

They live in the El Matan outpost, adjacent to Maaleh Shomron, which is part of the Maaleh-Ginot-Karnei Shomron communities between Kfar Saba and Kedumim.


Her father escaped the burning vehicle with light burn wounds. Ayala suffered burns over 30-40 percent of her body, mostly in the upper parts and in the face.

Last month, Ayala’s mother Ruth was targeted in a similar Molotov cocktail attack in the same spot of last night’s attack. Her car was destroyed but she was not injured.

The girl’s father Avner told Yediot Acharonot that he saw the terrorists lighting the firebomb and throwing it.

“I shouted to my daughter to get out and she was able to do so,” he said. “We were able by the grace of God to get out of the car, but she was much more seriously wounded than I was. We hope that the hospital staff will be able to return her to her previous state.”

Ruth Shapira told the Israeli newspaper, “Ayala is a very special girl. She is an exceptionally smart child, who was on her way home from a program for youth gifted in mathematics at the Bar-Ilan University. “

Police said that Ayala almost certainly would have been dead if she had not rolled herself on the ground to extinguish the flames on her burning body.

As usual after a terrorist attack, the army sent a large number of soldiers to search for the attacker, who still is at large.

The nearby highway 55, the only direct road connecting Kfar Saba with Jewish communities in the area, has been the scene of hundreds of attempts to kill Jews with rocks, firebombs and guns. The army occasionally deploys several patrols simultaneously on the road.

And how does the pro-Palestinian Authority crowd understand the attack.

The Bethlehem-based Ma’an News Agency told its English-speaking readers, who include foreign media, a blanket lie.

“Maaleh Shomron is part of a larger settlement bloc…surrounding a number of Palestinian villages on at least three sides and preventing Palestinians from freely moving in the area,” it wrote.

As usual, the opposite is true.

There are far more Arab villages than there are Jewish communities, and the only ”preventing” to moving freely comes from Palestinian Authority terrorists who constantly try to murder Jews.




  1. Every Arab in every so called Arab village must be given an exit pass to either Jordan, Syria, or Egypt. These people are a cancer to Israel and the Jewish People. To kill cancer, you must first cut it out, then radiate or use chemicals on it. One day The State of Israel will figure out that every Arab and every Muslim wants to kill every Jew. I hope that it is not too late by then.

  2. why bother searching for the terrorist….if caught he gets college for free in prison,hangs out with friends for few years in prison, learns from older prisoners and from arab priests (terrorist extremists) how to become more evil and bad, and weight lifts and watches tv….so that will not scare him away or anyone away from doing same evil terrorist acts…
    But if he knows he will be executed for attempted murder(there really is no difference in trying to kill a jew and killing a jew since your action and your intentions were exactly the same (the result you can not control)
    so Hitler killed about 7 or 8 (newspapers like to make it less and say only 6 million) million Jews……….so Hitler is only guilty of 2nd or 3rd degree murder since SOME OF THE JEWS WERE NOT KILLED and were still alive (cause the war ended before all the jews were dead)….so the terrorist did not yet kill her (MAY SHE LIVE AND RECOVER with Hashem's help) so he is not a murderer he's only a terrorist just like the rock throwers…smack him on the hand! But if he were fed to wild pigs….preferably while he's alive….as the perfect method of execution of terrorists who harm/kill/try to kill jews…..NO MORE TERRORISTS would do such acts (or it would be very very rare) since eaten by pigs is truly scarey even to those willing to DIE TO KILL JEWS with bombs taped to their bodies so they can go to heaven…but eaten by pigs prevents heaven for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also….execute 100 (even ten minimum) prisoners in Israeli jails every time terrorists murder or almost murder (like this girl) a jew !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh..wait…forget I said anything….the UN will call Israel Nazi pigs and Nazi rotten jews and other catch phrases and jews need to be loved!!!
    but wait (no one loves us and the other countries curse us anyway even when we warn arabs in gaza to get out we are coming to drop bomb on their hamas headquarters or bomb center building….because jews are hated period…but we have sick need to be loved by our enemies at the cost of this little girls life (may she live and recover!)

  3. no one comments on my comments because I did not say: WE MUST LOVE TERRORISTS and give them presents and Israeli land and let them live in Jerusalem etc….we must make them equal citizens of Israel…oh wait we did that already ….well let's continue to do more…what can we do…oh lets STOPbuilding houses for JEWS on Jewish land and let arabs steal and occupy and build illegal houses on Jewish land…ah…now we might be loved by our enemies and the UN (also our enemy)…..

  4. rockthrowers need to be deported (fingerprints taken dna taken blood sample taken and face memorized in computer to pick them out of crowd if they come back to Israel….and ten years in solitary confinement 24 hours a day if they are found back in Israel!!!!!!!!!!
    yes they will call us dirty jews as usual… we have to wash more….but we will also be washing our hands of the terrorists they will stop if we find stuff to do to them that they are truly afraid of…..and since they are happy to die with suicide bombs to kill jews….they are not afraid of regular death….we need extra stuff…like feed them to pigs…alive best but even their bodies after death is better than nothing……but we gave back killers of four rabbis in shul while davening so they could have a huge HEROS burial which encourages MORE arabs to kill jews the same way and other ways….rocks a train…fire bomb on little girls car…
    but if we showed bodies eaten up by wild pigs……………arabs would (many not all but MOST would) be finally afraid to kill jews if the penalty is eaten by wild pigs!!!
    try it out what have we got to lose! a dirty jew is a live jew…a warm loving jew is a dead duck!

  5. Israel collects 100 million ever few months in taxes that it gives to abbas (Palestinian leader) so he can pay salaries to the terrorists such as bombers, rock throwers, etc….they get specific definitely weekly and monthly salaries and if they kill jew they get bonus! when in jail their family gets salary….we should withhold that money and give it to families of jews killed by terrorists…and also pay some rockthrowers to move out of Israel and NOT be terrorists….we are paying them anyway so why not get GOOD out of the money

  6. The Palestinians will never have a country. When their interpretation of fighting is to "fire bomb" an innocent child, or kidnap three teenagers and murder them. They belong under the rocks they are constantly throwing. The common ancestor Abraham is sickened by what has become of his posterity through Ishmael.

  7. DEMAND BIBI TO OPEN THE ARMORIES- JEWS, DO THIS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE? DEFEND YOURSELVES- IT IS THE MOST BASIC HUMAN RIGHT. Particularly if the Israeli government is lax and refuses to stop the slaughter.
    My God, there is armed insurrection going on inside Israel from our most bitter enemies- Hamas and Palestinain Authority. This is not thuggery, this is not isolated incidents of criminal activity—NO, this is a declared war and a planned genocide against the Jewish people. Israel is in the middle of a guerrilla style war of attrition, and the people of Israel are moving targets. For G_DS SAKES OPEN UP THE ARMORIES and issue guns to the citizens – if the government won't fight, then what choices are there? IT'S SIMPLE—— FIGHT OR DIE.

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