Photo Credit: Uri Lenz / Flash 90
Moshe “Bogie” Yaalon (L) with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

A Spanish judge has found a legal loophole to warrant the arrests of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and other former Cabinet ministers, but an Israeli government official says it won’t happen.

The judge ruled they can be arrested for supposed war crimes in the IDF’s raid of the Mavi Mamara ship, one of six boats led by IHH terrorists trying to break the maritime embargo on the Hamas terrorist party in Gaza. Judge Jose de la Mata ordered police to keep track of the Israeli officials, who were sued by three Spaniards who were on the Mavi Mamara during the brutal attacks on Navy commandos who boarded the ship virtually unarmed. The Navy team eventually overpowered the attackers, 10 of whom were killed.


Judge de la Mata’s decision changed a former Spanish court ruling that complaints against Israel should be filed with the International Court of Justice (ICC) in Hague, which has taken no action. A United Nations committee ruled that the maritime embargo is legal but that Israel used “excessive force.”

The ruling is more of a psychological victory for the anti-Israel movement. A similar threat by Turkey last year to arrest him was dropped when the Prime Minister apologized to Turkey.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry said that the government is talking with Spain and that the judge’s decision probably will be shelved.



  1. It is the Jewish people that should put Spain on trail at the world court! Charges include genocide and theft of property which they should seek to have returned! After the conviction of Spain, the Jews then seen repetitions which is more more then the government has! The solution is foreclosure on the state and then the Jewish people have the option of deporting those on their property! I do believe my claim should stand up in any court! The charges are against a government and murder charges do not expire! Ever! I believe my case is absolutely legal!

  2. Spain? Tell them you will only visit if they Free Catalonia and give the Basques back their land. Then we can discuss all the stolen property from 1492. The only thing of value there is the Guggenheim in Bilbao. But that is Occupied Territory too. It belongs to the Basques!

  3. Danny Petersen, the judge is not insane. He is doing this to have the attention of the Spaniards on something they are used to: The JEWS are always guilty and to have the simpathy of Arabs that already dominated Spain so many years ago. So they, the Spaniards won’t focus on corruption going on in the Spanish government.

  4. Good timing Dhimmi judge…in the wake of muslim terrorist attacks. Anything to take the heat off the muslims…anything! The muslims are THE most protected race (creed? religion? whatever they are) on the face of the earth! The question is why? The only thing they can contribute to the world is oil money… so follow the money to see why countries are gladly going along with sharia. Fools! Like the nazi collaborators they feel safe & smug in their bigoted minds…but never realize that they will become collateral damage! Read history you fool(s).

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