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Director of the Temple Institute Rabbi Chaim Richman said the Netanyahu government policies regarding the Temple Mount have led to last week’s UNESCO’s resolution which ignores any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall.

Calling the resolution “another politically motivated act of revisionist history, obscene even by the standards of this morally bankrupt organization,” Richman announced that “UNESCO’s heinous resolution was not born in a vacuum but is a direct result of Israel’s ambivalent, nebulous policy towards the Temple Mount. We call upon Jews to ascend in purity and with proper halakhic guidance to the Temple Mount and to exercise their right to pray openly at the site from where the Divine Presence never departed, the location of the Holy Temple,” Richman said.


“Judaism was founded over 3500 years ago; Islam dates to the seventh century,” Richman noted, adding, “The resolution flies in the face of both the Bible–a bedrock of civilization, archaeological evidence, and scholarship. It also stands in denial of Islam itself, and the official statements of the ‘Supreme Moslem Council (sic),’ the Muslim Waqf which administers the Temple Mount. In the English-language booklet ‘A Brief Guide to Al-Haram Al Sharif’ published by the Waqf in Jerusalem in 1924, it states: ‘Its identity with the site of Solomon’s Temple is beyond dispute. This, too, is the spot according to the universal belief, on which ‘David built there an altar unto the Lord, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings’ (II Samuel 24:25).”

According to Richman, UNESCO’s “perversion of history is not only a deliberate degradation of the Jewish people, but an insult to all people of intelligence – and all people of faith. It is the latest of the United Nations’ calculated moves aimed at denying the Jewish people’s very right to exist. Wiping out a people’s past is the best way to ensure that they have no future. Thus the Muslim Waqf has been systematically destroying tons of archaeological evidence dating from the Second and First Temples – with no protest from UNESCO.”

There is a proper response to UNESCO’s most astonishing expression of anti-Semitism to date, Richmean said, “On the eve of Passover, the Festival of Freedom, we call upon the Israeli government to exercise full sovereignty over the Temple Mount, and grant freedom of religious expression to non-Muslims at the Temple Mount (in accordance with basic human and civil rights enshrined in Israeli law) so that Israel and all of humanity will finally experience true freedom.”



  1. The Jewish World and Israel have been building up to this perception by its Arab enemies and by the whole world for decades:
    In 1947 they accepted the partition of the Palestinian Mèndate without qualification;
    In 1967 they offered to "return" liberated Jeswish Land for peace ("return" means it is not theirs);
    Handed.the keys to the liberated Har Babait to the muslim waqf (that means it's not theirs)
    Traded the Sinai for a piece of paper;
    Abandoned Aza. Just walked away. (That means it's not theirs)
    Forbidding Jews from praying on Har Habait. (That means they don't belong there).
    What other conclusions can the world perceive other than "this is not Jewish Land so the Jews must leave".

  2. Did you read Danny Kidron (below) Wake up. Start fighting for your Country. No-one else will. Don't you Israelis get it yet ? "They" are coming for you. "They" are not going to stop. There will always be another attack – of another kind – and another – so what they hell are you waiting for. Tell the World you aren't going anywhere. Never. Show you are strong. That's all the Arabs respect. The US will on you like everyone else has. You are a strong Country – why the hell are you affraid to defend yourselves. Stop reading the New York Times and get to work !

  3. This is not simply a political problem.
    It is a national problem.
    We are approaching Passover and in truth we are still in exile.
    We ourselves don't claim the land that was returned to us, because we don't behave as a Nation.
    As we will hear and learn as each year the original Nation was built on undisputed unity and absolute mutual guarantee.
    Unless we make such principles our utmost priority, unless our leaders put uniting the people as their most important task this land will be taken away piece by piece and we will stand by without confidence and strength.
    We keep on explaining, backtracking when we should take rightfully.
    But for that first we need a Nation.

  4. The Temple Mount is a place where the “Dome of the Rock” mosque now stands but was once the place where the First and Second Jewish Temples stood thousands of years ago.
    The facts are that the Muslim WAQF were allowed to retain control of the Temple Mount, this holiest of Jewish sites only because of then Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan’s desire to be magnanimous in victory after the 1967 war. Contrary to popular misconceptions, Rabbis at the time wanted Israeli control over this holy site while researching which part, according to Halacha, of this hallowed ground Jews were not allowed to go, a search the WAQF made difficult by sealing off underground areas.

    In fact, this decision by Dayan changed the course of history for the Jewish people in a profound and negative way. They could have had it all but squandered this chance that presented itself on a platter. With an issue so profound, any general, as the victor and steeped in our history and heritage could have forced each and every WAQF official to identify every single area that had been sealed. Apparently the Jewish world had no such general at the time. Jews caved in then, as they do now.

    Now we have Netanyahu and Ya’alon two of the most gutless, weak and pathetic "leaders" Israel has ever produced. By his endless statements of maintaining the “status quo” agreement with Jordan, Netanyahu has made it clear he has no intention
    of ever reclaiming this holy Jewish site, a site where both Jewish Temples stood thousands of years ago. He has never once countered the incessant Arab propaganda in relation to the Temple Mount. In stating that he will maintain the status quo where Israeli police assist the WAQF in making the place Judenfrei, he is virtually giving sovereignty to the Arabs. Israel's enemies, like sharks can smell blood in the water.

    In the next breath, this “leader” still babbles on about Jerusalem being the eternal and indivisible capital of Israel while at the same time, right smack in the middle sits the holiest piece of real estate in all of Judaism, a site of Jewish heritage since time immemorial but a site today where Jews are not allowed to even enter. So much for a united capital
    Netanyahu is a disgrace.

  5. The Institute is right about Israeli governments being at fault – and about the urgency of demanding religious freedom on the Temple Mount, under Israeli sovereignty. The government should also demand that the "international community" support Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount and religious freedom – along with a ban on picnics, playing ball, littering, storing rocks and weapons, doing parcour, screaming abusively at other people – and all of the other thing that some of the Muslims on the Mount indulge in.

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