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Arab female wannabe terrorist who attempted to attack the Jewish community of Karmei Tzur in Judea.

A female Arab terrorist wannabe, age 16 but dressed as a much younger schoolgirl, attempted to infiltrate the Jewish community of Karmei Tzur in Judea on Tuesday morning.

The attempt was noticed by a resident of the community, who saw the young Arab female approaching the gate of the community, and noticed that she looked suspicious.


The resident – a woman – alerted the guard to the situation, who then called out to the young terrorist to drop her weapon – a steak knife.

The latest “jihad” weapon — an Arab school girl’s bag to hide the knife within.

The wannabe terrorist immediately complied and dropped the knife.

Last Friday Arabs from a nearby village in the Palestinian Authority attacked the synagogue at the adjacent outpost of Givat Soreq. The site overlooks the area where searchers found the bodies of three Israeli teens murdered by Hamas terrorists in summer 2014.

The neighboring villagers piled up the Torah scrolls and holy books from the prayer tent and then set them afire.

Residents of Karmei Tzur noted that it was not the first time Arabs in the area had carried out such attacks on their community. But to attack a synagogue and burn its sacred texts to ashes is an especially ugly form of anti-Semitism reminiscent of some of the “darkest events in our history,” they said.


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Hana Levi Julian is a Middle East news analyst with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. A past columnist with The Jewish Press and senior editor at Arutz 7, Ms. Julian has written for, and other media outlets, in addition to her years working in broadcast journalism.


  1. What is to neutralize and who is a terrorist! For me i think the world has so many terrorists, some small & inexperienced while others are big & so experienced. For instance the Russians who invaded Afganisztan in the 1979 for one reason or another and bombed almost all cities in that country for a good number of years and killed milllions of innocent people. If you come to the Americans the list is so long like in Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Afganisztan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Somalia, Granada, Panama, Libya etc, etc, they bombed and killed countless millions of innocent people. Many other major countries of the world, UK, France, Isreal, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Egypt and so on have bombed and killed millions and millions of people. Who is a terrorist and who is not??

  2. Terrorists are those who attack not to accomplish a military goal but to try to destroy human life without accomplishing a military objective.

    Abbas Katende lists military battles or wars that were engaged either by Russia or by the United States.

    His criterion is that innocent people were killed. That’s not terrorism, that’s just the death of innocent people.

  3. Abbas, don’t forget Northern Sudan that had captured Christian and native religionists in Southern Sudan and sold them to Saudis as slaves; they also starved millions. Don’t forget that Northern Sudan helped Arabs kill, rob and expel the black Muslims from their land in Darfur. Then there is Boko Haram targeting Christians. The Nigerian army tried to exterminate the Igbo in 1966. Today there is IS. China is still mistreating the Tibetans. The Europeans and Bantu robbed the native Bushmen of their land in South Africa. If you want to go back further in history, the Mongols were terrible. Many people are power hungry and greedy. I don’t think this will change.

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