Photo Credit: Tower of David Museum via Jerusalem Development Authority
Tower of David Museum

The Tower of David is preparing a new multimedia exhibit — the KING DAVID night experience at the Tower of David Museum in which the majestic story of David, from shepherd to king, comes to life in a completely new cinematic production projected onto the walls and archaeological excavations of the ancient citadel.

The show takes place in the Old City of Jerusalem, in the capital of Israel.


The story is especially suited to being the focus of a new cinematic production, because the tale of David as articulated in the Bible is magnificent and has all the markers for a “blockbuster” film – a red-haired boy with beautiful eyes; a shepherd and a musician who became a hero that defeated the great Philistine giant, Goliath, a king of a nation, a warrior, a poet and a lover.

David has been the inspiration for artists for centuries and is one of the most well-known Biblical figures in the history of art. Great painters and sculptors captured his heroic figure and ancient images of David in manuscripts and mosaics tell the story of Jerusalem’s king. The audience experiences an exciting virtual tour among the great works of art by Chagall, Matisse, Michelangelo and others in an artistic tribute to the artists, painters and sculptors who immortalized the image of the celebrated King David.

Using the sophisticated technology of powerful new laser projectors, KING DAVID illuminates the citadel with 250,000 lumens and 35 million pixels in vibrant colors and high definition images under the Jerusalem night sky. The trompe l’oeil effects and multi-sensory experience are made possible by 18 mapped projected images using 18 laser projectors, 20 speakers and 10 km of different types of cable.

KING DAVID is set to open to the public as of April 1.

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