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The executive board of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on Friday denied Israel’s claim to the Temple Mount and Western Wall.

Meeting in Paris, the organization ignored the Jewish connection to Jerusalem sites in a resolution that passed with 33 votes in favor, six against, and 17 abstained, and referenced only the Al-Aksa Mosque and the Al-Haram Al-Sharif (Temple Mount). The Western Wall area was referenced as the Al-Buraq Plaza. Last year UNESCO refused to reclassify the Wall as a Muslim site.


France, Spain, Sweden, Russia and Slovenia were among the non-Arab nations who supported the resolution. Estonia, Germany, Lithuania, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States objected.

The resolution accused Israel of planting “fake Jewish graves” in eastern Jerusalem. This claim is especially enraging, since the old Jewish cemetery on Mount Olives was desecrated by the Jordanians before 1967, with its tombstones being used to pave roads.

Israeli ambassador to UNESCO Carmel Shama released a statement in response saying, “Even if UNESCO passes dozens of resolutions, and decides to continue passing thousands more, Jerusalem will always remain as part of the capital of Israel and the Jewish people.” Shama added, “As you continue on this path of incitement, lies and terror you will be sending UNESCO down a path towards irrelevance.”


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  1. I agree, it's kinda like the girl scouts declaring overwhelmingly that the united States is as of now considered native American Indian territory, and everyone else has to move out. Who gives a rats ass about what UNESCO has to say. It's stupid to give one ounce of weight to anything they declare, say or vote on. Same goes with the UN, they gave no real power to enforce. Irrelevant!!

  2. Jews have no connection to Temple Mount? Have a look at the circels around, what do You think about all these falsegod buildings, (not only buildings like Katmandu, Egypts Pyramids or Baharain Garden next to Mt.Karmel)? And what do You all think about all these falsegod doings in Israel?

  3. The Temple Mount Is Part Of Jewish History and because of that UN Should Stay Out Of That and Jews Have Been Living around that Temple For Over Three Thousand Years. The UN Keep Your Nose Clean and Stay Out Of Jewish Business For Good. Thank You!!

  4. You can use your mouth to drive a car, you will never have an accident. You can use your mouth to say anything that comes your mouth. But you don’t have the guts to attack Israel. The day you attempt it, the end will befall you all. Let sleeping dog lies.

  5. I really don't give a damn about what those prostitutes think. What bothers me is that my government makes ME pay for them! I want to know which person running for president this year will stop the American funding of these bigots and racists. And for once I'd like to see one of those "honest politicians" actually stick to their word. Oh, silly me, they don't do that, they only tell us what we want to hear so we'll vote for them, and then when they're elected (both Rep. AND Dem.), it's "Adios,see ya in 4 years when I'm running next time". WE'RE the fools.

  6. Sorry, but I also think that a fair part of the blame for this goes to P.M. Netanyahu. When the only place on the planet earth that a Jew can be arrested for praying on is the Temple Mount, which we say is our holiest place in the world, and part of our country, who would believe that??? Can you really picture any other religion in the world that would do that? Imagine Catholics barring Catholics from saying a prayer in the Vatican??? Would that impact your view of how important (or NOT important) the Vatican really was??

  7. Not just Netanyahu. Blame begins ìn 1947 when the Jews accepted the UN partition of the Plestinia Mendate without qualifying anticipation of a final Israel as defined by the UN's own Mandate; it was reinforced after the 1967 victory when Israel offered to "return" the liberated Jewish lands for peace – how can you "return" something that is yours?; again when the keys to Har Habait were handed to the muslim waqft; it was reinforced again when the liberated Sini was horse traded for a piece of paper and again when the liberated Aza was dumped, abandoned; it has been rdpeatedly confirmed every time Israel held back from finishing a war its enemied initiated by driving home that victory and demanding surrender instead of offering surrender and arguing about the terms; now talk of "annexing" Shomron and Yehuda – ANNEXING – how can you annex something that belongs to you?
    Every one of these actions and now the ban on Jewish prayer on Har Habait, shouts to the world and to Israel's enemies "This does not belong to me". UNESCO and the world cannot be blamed for their bias and stand on Israeli "intransigence". The blame falls squarely on Israel and all us Jews.

  8. You are both RIGHT! However, world Jewry's choosing to stay in the Diaspora when G-d miraculously restored our Homeland is sending what message? ("Take my inheritance and shove it"?) I don't mean to be brutal, but we need PRESENCE here … proverbial "boots on the ground." When the Jews of the world decide to claim our inheritance and come to Israel in droves, G-d will take care of our enemies (Exodus 23:30).

  9. Those countries knows well Israeli's history and what kind of the Tempel mount history was under the Bysant christians. The Tempel mount was bysant christians dumping ground before they gave mount to muslim people. This is politics, not righteousness.

  10. Even the way th E.U. and U.N. went along with Obama re the Iran Nuclear Deal was a pre-cursor to this, and we haven't seen the end of Obama's beneficing Iran either, even in the face of threats of destruction to both Israel and America. Certainly the most unpatriotic president yet, even if not the most dishonest. (That honour may go to George Bush.)

    Right and truth and compassion and justice have scant weight in the modern world by and large. Admittedly, in the previous century too.

    But the Orwellian UN, working with the nations against Israel, does appear to be new, and a lining up for Ezekiel 38 etc. It is hard to contemplate these horrors. Come, Messiah, come!

  11. David Hersch unfortunately, you did not get the chance to blame Obama for this. There are many countries that are awful and evil towards Israel. I have watched your comments for some time now. And you spend more effort bashing the American-Left than these countries – Russia, Spain, France and others that openly undermine Israel and openly support Israel's enemies.

  12. Russia and the European Union are the ones that undermine Israel the most. Russia openly arms Iran and the world blames Obama for it. The time has come to confront Britain, France, Russia and the EU for their Anti-Semitic adn Anti-Israel positions. The American Left only needs more education. They should not be shunned or treated as enemies. No left-wing American will have supported this. But Russia, France, Spain and other European nations whose leaders will be accepted with a smile in Israel have voted for this.

  13. Peter González-Valentín jews never completely left the area was taken from the Hebrews and now they have taken it back. Jews developed the area built an infrastructure and cultivated to the beauty you see in israel. It's that simple.

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