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The U.S. State Dept. has decided that Israel should not destroy the home of the terrorists because doing so would be “counterproductive to the cause of peace and exacerbate an already tense situation.”

The decree was announced to reporters on Thursday by State Dept. spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who called the idea of demolishing a terrorist’s home “punitive.”


She did not suggest how to get it through the heads of terrorists that their families will pay a heavy price for murder, but the thousands of experts working in Foggy Bottom usually insists that punishment be carried out according to American standards.

Read them their rights and warn them that confessing to a crime may be held against them. Don’t harm their property because that might stir up anger among the neighboring radical jihadists.

Be nice to terrorists, and they will end up loving you.

Give them the border they demand so they can kill to eliminate all borders.

How could Israel ever exist without the State Dept.?




  1. Mabe the US should pull out of the middle east Completely ,because it mite be (counter productive) for every terroris you kill it pops out another 10 .( Just saying if you want to look at it that way ) before you try to fix some other country take a good look in the mirror, (practice what you preach ) taking down there house makes tham think 2wice .remember 1 thing the things that Israel is doing is because it doesn’t have an other choice, but you have a lot of choices.

  2. My first suggestion for a president that started out a rookie in foreign affairs and either remains so or really does not appreciate the importance of a free democratic country in this region is to learn that Arab ideology which imbues the concept of Palestinian people is the destruction of the Israeli state. “Palestinians” are Arabs from Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Latvia, and other Arab countries jn north Africa and the middle east that have been placed and coerced into a permanent refugee status by their “brethren”. Appeasement, indecision, weakness by the present American administration for the past six years is what strengthened the courage of those who fight against the values the free world and what it stands for. The lesson for our weak president is that this world terror problem is dealt only with a strong hand, killing innocent lives, becoming a martyr has consequences

  3. Eye for an eye is what the us practices, it is in the bible, this type of punishment is the ultimate deterrent, just others and your family Will suffer. there is no other deterrent because imprisonment does not deter these animals. Not someone who decides to run people over with a car or tractor, blow themselves up. The only shred of humanity that may remain deep and hidden inside of these “Palestinians” May be their lives of their own family although even that I’m not absolutely sure about of they stubs their children to commit these heinous crimes

  4. JEN PSAKI IS A LIAR!!!! AND A FOOL SHE HAS NO REGARD OR RESPECT AND NO LOVE FOR JEWS SHE LOVES ARABS AND TERRORISTS!!! obviously she supports hamas as much as Obama does she needs to be FIRED quickly before she flames up things even worse and she and john Kerry Obama and others with him need to be criminally charged with treason and conspiracy on Israel and dealing with hamas and their leaders so I don't trust her with her mouth talking evil on jews we need to take a stand and speak out against the state dept and have them fired and thrown out and only accept those who love and care for Israel so I say Israel should demolish those homes of terrorist's and take away from them what they took from jewish people and the lives of those 3 teens who were killed this year by them…. time to take out abbas and his evil people throw them out of Israel I love you Israel and I wont let them keep this up we will find a way to speak against evil in Washington DC

  5. I will never understand this approach it just mind-boggling. Israel is for us the Jewish people, plain and simple. For too long this nation has been through policy, political-spin-doctoring or whatever has been unproductive in its abolishment of terrorist and terrorism. Strike the from Israel, strike them from the face of the earth. When evil became too prevalent Hashem erased its existence. However I am a realist and can only trust that as G-D was, G-D is, and He does not change. Justice will only come from the one and only true judge, until then.
    Hodu Hashem!

  6. The U.S. acts towards Israel as if it is the 51st. state. Israel is a sovereign nation. We Jew's no longer live in ghettoes ruled by czars, kings, princes or archbishops. Decisions by the PM, must be for what is best for Israel and the Jewish people. Therefore, every terrorists home must be demolished, to deter future terrorism.

  7. Hell yes it's punitive! Bring it on! Under the current U.S. regime, apparently, if someone sets my house on fire with a molotov cocktail, for me to punch him in the nose would be punitive. Yet the U.S. and local governments can seize all the assets of those who have yet to be convicted of RICO offenses. I guess that isn't punitive, but redemptive.

  8. The state department ((mouthpiece for Obama) has decided in it's wisdom to decide what is proper for Israel Perhaps it would prefer Israel allow terrorists to kill and maim as they see fit.
    Yet we read just how dangerous ISIS is to the US even though they have made no overt terroristic actions to the US.
    Mr. President, please take care of America's business and do kiss the butts of the Islamists who threaten Israelis.

  9. I'd like to personally apologize to Israel for the faecal encephalopathy that afflicts Secretary Kerry and Jen Psaki. Radical, experimental surgery is called for, but ObamaCare won't fund the procedures.

  10. Jen Psaki is a mouthpiece – she gets her "working words" and then goes out and delivers them. Neither she nor the press is well-informed, historically knowledgeable, nor particularly invested in getting the facts right. She gets paid well for her vapid performance – the adoring Obama press is lazy, swallows the lies, and spreads them.

  11. Wonder if the State Department also considers murders of Israelis by wacko Islamic fundamentalists "punitive"?
    This administration has its collective head up its backside and it all flows down from guess who.

  12. There is a time for peace and a time for WAR. This is NOT the time for peace. This is the time for killing the enemies against peace. Then after they have had enough dying then we can have your peace and not before.

  13. Can you even believe he is bombing ISIS? I dont. Some Muzzies lie about almost everything. Do I need to list all the lies he's already proclaimed. Lol I'd be here all night. Sorry, I don't have the time especially when it's already been declared by so many other patriots.

  14. Right, it did upset me. Here are a few points I wish to express: 1 Invite Ms Psaki to move to Israel and spend 6 months in a area subject to rocket and terrorist attachs, 2. If the terrorist is nice to you and shows that he/she loves your FIRST then, be nice to them 3. The American standard was shown in the 40's when we bombed Nagasaki with an A bom. I hope that no one in authority in Israel will pay any attention to such a DoDo as Ms Psaki.

  15. Isnt there something in the Holy scriptures which the Lord rebuked. i.e "Ye condemn the innocent and set the guilty free." isnt this what is happening in the U,S,A where they dont seem to know right from wrong anymore.

  16. Why do the expect Israel to do things that they would never ask any other country in a similar situation to do?

    How many homes have US drones attacked in Pakistan/Afghanistan where suspected terrorists were? Was that considered counter productive?

    What is it about a strong Jewish state that these people hate?
    Would they prefer a weak one and see Israelis being killed by the 100`s so that they can weep over them!

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