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Once again Israel has been singled out as the lone perpetrator of evil by the Council of the Wise at a select agency of the United Nations. This one, however, came as somewhat of a surprise, for it was the United Nations’ World Health Organization — which should know better by now — that passed a resolution last week at its 2016 World Assembly, naming Israel as the planet’s sole abuser of health rights.

It’s tough to believe that some of those who voted in favor of the resolution could actually believe for even a second the nonsense they supported.


The motion was sponsored by the Arab Group of States together with a delegation from the Palestinian Authority.

The resolution calls for an investigation into Israel’s alleged abuse of mental, physical and environmental health rights.

The United Kingdom, Germany, France and other European Union nations also voted in favor of the resolution. Moreover, a report from the investigation is to be placed on the agenda again at next year’s meeting.

The UN assembly, by contrast, did not mention: • the millions of Yemenis denied access to food and water in their war-torn country; • the gassing of Syrian citizens by their own government, the bombing of Syrian hospitals • the weapons, including rocket launchers, hidden by Hamas in Gaza hospitals • the criminals whose limbs have been cut off by the Saudi Arabian government, Just to name a few other basic health concerns.

Out of 24 items on the meeting agenda, however, only one — Item No. 19 against Israel — focused on a specific country.

“The UN reached new heights of absurdity today,” said UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer, “by enacting a resolution which accuses Israel of violating the health rights of Syrians in the Golan, even as in reality Israeli hospitals continue their life-saving treatment for Syrians fleeing to the Golan from the [President Bashar al-] Assad regime’s barbaric attacks.”

This is beyond the height of silliness, given the number of Syrians treated in Israeli field hospitals — and in hospitals within Israel itself — regardless of their allegiance, and that humanitarian gesture provided to citizens of a nation with which Israel is still at war.



  1. "the height of silliness" is NOT the strongest words to use.
    United Nations’ World Health Organization issued a LIE and should be called to task by forcing a group of WHO Board members to visit Israeli Hospitals, families of Palestinians whose family member has been saved by Israeli doctors, food, medical supplies, all supplied by Israelis. Israel helps Syrian refugees by the Syrian border making it easy for them to receive medical help and food. Israel does not receive any recognition for the major help it provides for Palestinians and Refugees. Where is the NY Times?, the London Times,? Charlie Hebdo? Le Monde", Le Figaro?, Los Angeles Times?, all the European Newspapers? etc. articles to support all the positive things Israel accomplishes and supplies the world in every area of Life, especially Humanitarianism. Why aren't Israeli reporters supplying articles? Why isn't there a huge Israel Public Relations attack on the world? Certainly, the "poor abused Palestinians" and Terrorist groups know how to manipulate the Press. They make sure they are heard. We keep saying Jews have a higher moral standard. Well, it's time for the BS to stop. We can maintain a higher moral standard and tell the world how the higher moral standard shows it humanitarianism. Israel is starting the be the scapegoat for every world problem. Hmmmm.. remember hard economic times in Europe, with Hitler promising a chicken in every pot, seemed to start the Nazi Party. There is hard economic times all over the world. Israel is their scapegoat. Jews, all over the world, are feeling the false blame. .Make it STOP! Tell the world the "poor Palestinians", Abbas, Iran,all the Arab nations are WRONG!
    It was the biggest mistake of all time to allow the world to recognize Yassar Arafat, a Terrorist, with a Nobel Peace Award which gave recognition to "Palestine" as a separate state. Now, Terrorists are receiving more Nobel Peace Awards! Poor Alfred Nobel… turning in his grave!

  2. A few years ago, I was at the Dead Sea.
    While I was in the swimming pool, a lovely young lady swam uo to me and started chatting. her husband jumped into the pool and came to talk to me.
    He is Druze living in a village in the Golan.
    I sked him if he is being badly treated by Israel. His reply was that he has never felt safer and happier in his life under than under Israeli rule.
    He has full freedom of movement, religion, full freedom of speech.

    I was only sorryu that I did not have a tape recorder with me.

  3. What is the cause of Jew hatred?
    Is it jealousy of the great contribution that Jews have made to the world?
    Is It because the Jews hs have been awarded a few dozen Nobel prizes, with a world population of 14 million, and the Muslims have had a handful of Nobel prizes, with a populn ofatio of 1.6 billion?

  4. A few weeks ago, a Muslim professor at Stellenbosh University, wrote the must disgusting lies about Israel. He refers to the brutal occupation of the biggest open prison on earth.
    He claims that there is a shortage of water, medical supplies and food.

    Every world a total lie.

    Why does he not tll the truth that Israel sends in hundreds of trucks everty week loaded with food, medical supplies etc. That Gaza gets the elecriity and water from Israel. That Israels hopitals treat Gzans , even the cildren of the Hamas leaders.

    I, and others wrote to the newspaper to counter those lies. But, of course, the press would not print any of the letters written to counter those lies.

  5. I would not call these actions "silliness". This is an Anti-Israel cruzade against the only Democracy in the Middle East. When you close your eyes to the horrors of Isis, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and many other African Countries and focus on blaming Israel it is a dangerous precedent on so much Anti-Semitism growing and growing in Europe, and all the Arab Countries in the World.

  6. The council of the wise. They are an embarrassment to the world. The world knows the truth. Unfortunately they don't like to hear it. Israel, the world wants someone to blame and I'm afraid your it. The state of the world is in final stages of decay due to the heightened level of sin that abounds, and we all know it is going to get a whole lot worse than what it is know the hearts of people when they vote and you know where you stand. Take care Israel….

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