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Elite Palestinian Authority Security Police Officer Amjid Sukkari, killed in a shootout with IDF when he opened fire at soldiers at an army base next to Beit El. Jan 2016.

Richard D. Heideman, President of the American Zionist Movement, and a Washington attorney who represents American victims of terrorism in cases filed in U.S. Federal Courts against Libya, Syria, Iran, the PLO and banks accused of providing material support for terror, has slammed the decision by the International Police Organization (Interpol) to accept the Palestinian Authority into its ranks as a member.

“The Palestinians have clearly not met the standards set by Interpol in contributing to make the world a safer place, in fact the opposite remains true,” Heideman said. “The murderous terrorist attack in Har Adar yesterday, which has yet to be properly condemned by the Palestinian leadership, is just another example of the unconscionable conduct of the PA/PLO’s use of sanctioned violence through an ongoing campaign of hatred, incitement and the providing of financial incentivization and rewards by the Palestinian Authority.”


“Accepting the Palestinians as the newest member of Interpol under such circumstances is a travesty for justice.”

Interpol members approved the Palestinian Authority membership application by 75 to 24 votes, with 34 abstentions. A majority of more than two-thirds of the yes-or-no votes was needed to pass, and upon the count the one-country one-vote basis passed that threshold easily.

“Interpol now has an absurd situation where member states will share sensitive information with Palestinian police, whose members have been accused of involvement in countless murders and heinous attacks throughout the years,” Heideman continued. “This is a dark day in the fight against global terrorism.”

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