Gazan Woman Finally Speaks Up Against Hamas, Raising Hopes for a Better Future

Denazification begins with an elderly woman bravely speaking out.

Fooling Hamas, Israel Released 15 Israeli Arab Women Charged with Minor Offenses in Exchange...

Only one Israeli Arab woman on the list had been arrested before October 7.

It’s Established: State Dept. Doesn’t Like IDF’s Approach to Winning

Mind you, the US military incinerated and otherwise annihilated some 1.5 million Iraqis.

MDA CEO Eli Bin Condemns the Red Cross: ‘You Are Not Neutral’

While giving MDA the cold shoulder on the hostages, CRC delegation head Menegon advocated for PA Arab terrorists in Israeli prisons.

Philly Antisemites Mob Jewish Falafel Joint that Gave 100% of Proceeds to United Hatzalah

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro on Sunday night condemned a mob attack on a Falafel restaurant in Center City, Pennsylvania, which is part of the...

Chief Rabbi Rules: Some of the Hostages in Hamas Captivity Are Dead

This halachic pronouncement carries significant implications for the families of the victims.

Immoral Pope Francis Rebukes President Herzog over Israeli ‘Terrorism’

There’s no difference between Pope Francis I and Pope Pius XII. Let’s stop with the phone calls.

IDF Soldiers Ordered to Whitewash their Graffiti from Gaza’s Ruins

One presumes that when there was a conflict between the order to kill the enemies and redecorate the walls, the killing took priority.

White House Warns Israel: IDF Op in South Gaza Must be ‘Different’ than in...

The Biden administration has “reinforced in very clear language” that renewed fighting must not “produce significant further displacement of persons.”

Is Sky News’s Kay Burley a Complete Idiot? You Be the Judge

Here’s the part of the interview that convinced yours truly that Kay is not the fastest hamster on the wheel.

US Warns Israel Against Next Phase of War in Southern Gaza

John Kirby said the United States won’t support Israel “moving forward with operations in the south..."

Not for the Faint of Heart: Israeli-Run Shares Uncensored Images of October 7...

Most of the tweets responding to the new website believe it’s genuine Hamas propaganda.

Gaza Envelope Children’s Updated ‘Friendship’ Song Deleted by State TV

On Sunday, they posted an updated version of Gouri’s masterpiece, sung by children ages 6 to 12, all of whom have been evacuated from the Gaza envelope settlements.

Iron Swords Day 44: IDF Fighting in Gaza and South Lebanon

A Nahal Brigade combat team directed a warplane from a distance to eliminate terrorists who tried to fire on them from a rooftop.

Jewish Congressman Who Condemned ‘Settler Violence’ Gets a Taste of ‘Pro-Palestine’ at Home

Why is Dan Goldman spreading vicious lies that he borrows from extreme anti-Israel groups?

Hear Blood Curdling Prophecy During Gush Katif Expulsion

Dr. Sudi Namir yelled to high heaven prophetic text that predicted predicted in detail the October 7, 2023 massacre.

Arabs Continue to Flee to Southern Gaza Despite Rainstorm (Video Clips)

Gazans waded through the rain in the ruined streets, waving a white flag of surrender.

Hamas Operatives Beat Civilians Off Humanitarian Aid Trucks and Steal their Food

And so, once more, Hamas proves that inhumanity and unimaginable cruelty pays. Good going, President Joe!

President Herzog Shows Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ in Arabic found in Children’s Bedroom Used as...

"The terrorist wrote notes, marked the sections, and studied again and again, the ideology of Adolf Hitler."

Watch: Pro-Hamas Demonstrator Ripping Down US Flags, and Other Outrageous Footage

And additional videos of pro-Hamas demonstrations in the US and Europe.

Day 37: IDF Forces Fighting on the Ground in Gaza

New images depicting the IDF infantry and armored units operating in the Gaza Strip.

Defense Minister Gallant: Our Tanks and Bulldozers Are Coming for the Terrorists Under Shifa...

“The IDF has also begun employing new methods, to reach these terrorists who are located in tunnels, as well as to eliminate the tunnels."

Haaretz Chief Editor: The New Nakba Is Israel’s Tiebreaker in War Against Hamas

Benn wonders if Yahya Sinwar expected his mass murder spree to turn out this way, suggesting the terrorist commanders were victims of their own “conceptzia.”

Watch: Nakba in Gaza, this Time Arabs Fleeing Hamas

IDF tanks are protecting the procession, taking out the Hamas threats.

Haredi Hesder Yeshiva Rabbi: We’ll Make Gaza Envelope Bloom Again

Following the events of October 7, Haredi interest in serving, as well as serving and learning, has reached an unprecedented peak.

Disappointed Arab World Ridicules Nasrallah’s ‘What Me Worry’ Speech

Needless to say, most Arabs reacted with disappointment mixed with ridicule to Nasrallah's show of belligerent standoffishness.

Nitsana Darshan Leitner: Where Are the Feminists?

“It seems only certain women and children are worthy of their outrage and protection,” she says.

Watch the IDF in Action in Gaza

On Thursday, IDF fighters completed the encirclement of Gaza City, the hub of Hamas’s activities.


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