Over 450 Gaza Rockets Fired at Israel Since January

The IDF has commenced Operation Protective Edge in Gaza against Hamas in order to stop the terror that Israel’s citizens face on a daily basis and to restore quiet to Israel's border.

Gaza’s Hamas Allows Israeli Imports After 5 Years

For the first time in five years, Gaza's ruling Hamas terror government allows Israeli imports.

Ahead of Haag Hearing, Bibi Declares Israel Eager to Leave Gaza

Netanyahu is doing the best he can to survive in an antisemitic world.

Report: Trump to Concentrate on Gaza Strip in Lieu of Larger Peace Deal

A senior Egyptian source said "Trump and his people have proven that they are able to think outside the box and produce creative solutions."

IDF: Hamas Leading Deliberate, Orchestrated Arson Terror Against Israel from Gaza

"Arson kites are made by Hamas terror operatives in large quantities and in an organized manner."

Cleared for Release: 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin Abducted by Hamas, 2 IDF Soldiers Killed

The IDF has confirmed 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin, 23 of Kfar Saba is the soldier suspected kidnapped by Hamas on Friday.

Liberman Says Hamas to Blame for Death of Gaza Teen (video)

"Hamas places young children, teenagers and women, at the forefront of the riots to serve as human shields for the Hamas agenda."

Israeli Forces Build Tank Bridges Over Wadi Gaza Riverbed

The bridges have been used by soldiers from Israel’s 401st Armored Brigade.

Livni: Gaza Op ‘Unavoidable’

Left-wing Justice Minister Tzipi Livni said Tuesday that no ceasefire is imminent between Israel and Hamas, and added that the current military operation in...

Watch: IDF Blows Up Underground Hamas Rocket Factory

The terror factory was located just dozens of meters away from residential buildings and a hotel.

Missing Soldiers’ Parents Demand Return of Bodies Before Turkey Reconciliation

The parents of Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin are demanding the Israeli government include the return of their children's bodies before signing a deal with Turkey.

Gaza Cease-fire ? For Whom?

Gaza terrorists said they agreed to a five-day Egyptian-brokered truce deal -- but fired a rocket at Israel Thursday morning.

Third Israeli With Mental Health Issues ‘Walks Into Gaza’

The third Israeli in less than a year has climbed the security fence and walked into Gaza without authorization.

Netanyahu: US Has Three Times the Number of Deaths from Starvation as Gaza

"That's like saying that, well, I'm issuing, you know, arrest warrants for FDR and Churchill, but also for Hitler."

Egypt Constructing Refugee City in North Sinai Ahead of Population Flood from Gaza

In November, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi categorically rejected the resettlement of Gazan Arabs in the Sinai.

IDF Seizes Control Over Philadelphi Corridor

Israeli forces found 20 terrorist smuggling tunnels and some 82 tunnel shafts during operations in the Philadelphi Corridor.

Hamas ‘Experts’ Kill Foreign Journalist while Neutralizing Tank Shell

Missile may have been IDF dud. At least four from Hamas also killed. Medics wounded.

Australian Jews Condemn FM Wong’s Bothsidesism on Israel’s Self-Defense

Wong did not mention the widely reported use of Gaza hospitals as military bases for Hamas terrorists

Hamas Defies Egypt, Rejects Ceasefire Proposal Israel Didn’t Want Anyway

PM Netanyahu: "Whoever talks about stopping – there is no such thing. We are not stopping. The war will continue until the end, until we finish it, no less."

US Warns Israel It Would Lose Visa Waiver Privileges for Blocking Potential Terrorists

The Biden administration will give Israel time to work out a solution, but if it doesn't, it would suspend its waiver privileges.

IDF Retaliates for Gaza Rocket Fire Aimed at Ashkelon

In response to the rocket fire, COGAT suspended a decision to issue an additional 2,000 permits allowing Gaza citizens to enter Israel for work and commerce.

IDF Shelling Northern Gaza in Retaliation for Sderot Rocket

The swift retaliation represents a continued new policy instituted by Defense Minister Liberman of hitting back inside Gaza as soon as someone on that side violates the 2014 ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

IDF Attacks Terror Squad in Gaza, 2 Injured

The air strike took place near the security fence along the border with eastern Gaza.

Terrorist Who Murdered Druze Boy Eliminated, IDF Expects Retaliation from Gaza for Killing Islamic...

There were no casualties among our soldiers, who left the village a little before 3:00 in the morning.

Shabbat Roundup: 2 Soldiers Killed in Infiltration, 1 Bedouin Killed by Rocket

Gazan terrorist, dressed as IDF soldiers, managed two kill 2 soldiers in an infiltration into the Be'eri region.

IAF Retaliates Against Gaza Terror, Air Strikes Continue

The Israel Air Force knocks out another 15 Gaza terror sites in retaliation for rocket attacks on southern Israel.

Israel Expands the Gaza Fishing Zone

“The implementation of the move is conditional on the fishermen in Gaza honoring the agreements."

Live Blog: Code Red Alerts, Rocket Fire Aimed at Israel from Gaza

Arab media reported the Izz a-Din al-Qassam military wing of Hamas claimed responsibility for Tuesday night's rocket fire at Israel.

UNRWA Says Tunnel Under 2 Gaza Schools Now Sealed

All the terror groups denied any connection to the tunnels, and UNRWA said there were no entrances into the schools.


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