Day 3 of Anti-Gov’t Riots in Gaza: Hamas Arrests 4 Human Rights Workers Plus...

The unrest comes in response to recent tax hikes as Gaza residents took to the streets in the enclave on Saturday to protest the high cost of living.

Israel and Turkey to Meet June 26, ‘Declare a Deal’

Israel and Turkey are set to close a deal on June 26 to renew full diplomatic ties.

First Batch of COVID-19 Vaccines on Way to PA

There are now Close to 6,000 corona patients in the Gaza Strip and another 4,000 patients in the PA.

Defense Ministry Inspectors Foil Smugglers Bringing Drones to Gaza

Israeli inspectors have foiled numerous attempts to smuggle weapons and military equipment into Gaza since the Hamas terrorist organization seized control over the enclave.

Live Blog: Code Red Alerts, Rocket Fire Aimed at Israel from Gaza

Arab media reported the Izz a-Din al-Qassam military wing of Hamas claimed responsibility for Tuesday night's rocket fire at Israel.

IDF Retaliates, Hits Terror Tunnel and Hamas Bases in Gaza

Six terrorist targets in Gaza were attacked by the IDF in the first round on Saturday evening.

3 Gaza Fishermen Killed by Explosion, Possibly by Hamas Rocket Test

The three men, two brothers and a cousin identified as Mouhamad, Zachariah and Yahya Lahem, were killed at sea when an explosion occurred near their boat.

Gaza Missiles Reach Zichron Ya’akov in Northern Israel

Gaza terrorists fired more M302 missiles at northern Israel Wednesday, reaching Zichron Yaakov for the first time.

US President Obama Punishes Israel for Re-electing PM Netanyahu

Punishment of Israelis for re-electing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was not long in coming from US President Barack Obama.

IDF’s Operation “Protective Edge” Begins Against Gaza

Following yet another day of rockets from Gaza, the government has given the IDF the OK to start hitting back more seriously.

Israel Calls Up 8000 More Reservists

On top of the 48,000 reservists already called up, the IDF has just called up another 8000 reservists. Many of the reservists are being used...

Israel Continuing Humanitarian Work in Gaza

Israel continues to provide humanitarian assistance to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip no matter if Hamas is in a state of war or truce against the Jewish state.

Russia Denies Plan for Israel-Palestinian Authority Summit in Moscow

The Kremlin denies there are any specific plans to hold a summit between Israeli and Palestinian Authority leaders this fall.

PA Abbas’s Fatah Terrorists in Gaza Joined Oct. 7 Massacre

It is not believed that Mahmoud Abbas knew his people were involved in the massacre.

Israeli Firefighters Battle More Blazes Along Gaza Border

“The arson attacks are a deliberate act of terrorism carried out by Hamas against Israeli civilians, farmlands and nature.”

Hamas False Reports Begin as Desperation Increases

Hamas terrorists have begun to issue false reports to journalists as its desperation rises to win its conflict with Israel

Israel’s South Flooded with Booby-Trapped Balloon Bombs Launched from Gaza

Dozens of bomb balloons landed on roads, near homes, and some even exploded in midair.

Overeager IDF Soldiers Blow Up Hamas Position

The Gazan rocket hit a factory in Ashkelon on Saturday night.

IDF AquaShield™ Blocking Hamas’ ‘Blue Tunnel’

The IDF has been following Hamas' efforts to improve its ability to attack Israel using commando divers.

Gaza Terror Tunnel Explosion — What We Know So Far

Here are some the facts we know about the Gaza terror tunnel explosion.

Israel Air Force Strikes Hamas Terror Targets in Gaza in Retaliation for Attacks

Two large fires were set in the Eshkol Regional Council district on the eve of Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day as a result of terror balloons from Gaza.

Ceasefire Announced Between Israel and Hamas (video)

The ceasefire was to take effect at midnight Friday night Jerusalem time.

Another Day, Another Gaza Drone Shot Down

As with Sunday's incident, it's not yet clear which terrorist organization was responsible for the launch.

Rocket Launch, No Alert

A rocket landed in an open area in the Eshkol region on Sunday night.

Gaza Rebuilding to Begin With Winter

Reconstruction in Gaza won't even begin until the start of winter, says a Palestinian Authority official.

Israeli Right Defending IDF Soldiers in Culture Battle over Sniper Video

"In a war against a cruel enemy who wants to destroy me, I prefer soldiers who shoot and laugh at those who shoot and cry and end up not shooting."

7 IDF Soldiers Killed Today in Battles

7 IDF soldiers were killed in battles with Hamas since last night.


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