Photo Credit: Free image from + free image by Yair Aronshtam via Flickr

Now it can be reported: the Shin Bet, in cooperation with the IDF and Israel Police, last February arrested the perpetrator of a Friday night, December 2016 stabbing attack in Efrat in Gush Etzion, during which local resident Rafi Lisker was wounded, sustaining multiple knife wounds to the back.

According to the Shin Bet, the attacker was Hamas-affiliated Ayman Muhammad Ali Fughara, 27, from the village of Jorat a-Shama.


The Shin Bet investigation—which was finally released for publication—revealed that the assailant purchased the knife in advance, then arrived in the town of Efrat in order to murder Israelis, and stabbed Lisker who was talking a Friday night stroll down the street with his wife, near their home.

Lisker, who was unarmed, turned around to confront his attacker, who then ran away. Lisker’s actions prevented the terrorist from attacking other people in Efrat.

His wife called for emergency medical services, and the town’s counter-terrorist rapid response team was deployed, but the terrorist had already fled Efrat at that point.

The findings of the Shin Bet investigation were transferred to the Military Prosecution in order to file an indictment in this case.

The Shin Bet declared it would continue to act to prevent and decipher terrorist attacks and will not rest until the law is fulfilled, even after the years have lapsed since the violations.

The Efrat Municipality issued a statement thanking the defense establishment and the Shin Bet “that over time did not stop searching for the person who wanted to harm the residents of Efrat.”