Photo Credit: Or Heller via Twitter
Tiran Fero, 18, from the Israeli Druze community of Daliat el Carmel.

The Israeli Druze community is furious and has issued threats via social networks against the terrorist hotbed of Jenin, where armed terrorists murdered Tiran Fero, an 18-year-old boy from the community Wednesday while he was hospitalized following a motor vehicle accident, and then snatched his body.

Jenin Terrorists Snatch Israeli in Car Accident


“If the body of the young man is not returned, we will take revenge on the employees from Jenin who work in Druze cities,” the community warned.

The boy’s father, who was in the room with him at the time of the abduction, said the terrorists disconnected his son from life-support equipment and kidnapped him while he was still alive.

“It was horrendous,” Husam Fero told Ynet. “He was still alive, and they took him before my very eyes, and I could do nothing.”

The IDF claims the boy, a high school student from Daliat El Carmel, was dead when his body was snatched.

Outgoing Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid vowed in a statement Wednesday that the kidnappers would “pay a heavy price” if Fero’s body is not returned to his family.

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