Photo Credit: Regavim
Ramallah city's illegal dump continues to fester in Benjamin with zero Israeli response

A month has passed since Regavim has exposed the “Corona dump” that the Ramallah municipality opened in the Benjamin Quarry, nothing has changed: tons of household and industrial waste continue to flow to the quarry, with frequent garbage fires, and zero enforcement activity on the part of the Israeli government.

“We find it hard to believe that the Palestinian Authority has been able to hide the thousands of trucks that have been dumping garbage here during the period, which means that the government is turning a blind eye by choice. We still hope that someone will wake up soon and stop this disgrace,” a spokesperson for Regavim said.


To watch the Regavim YouTube video which was posted Thursday with English subtitles, please click the CC button, then the Settings button (see image above) and click on “Subtitles” to turn it from Hebrew to English.


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