Photo Credit: Courtesy of Honenu
Terrorist Azzam Shalalda in court.

Attorney Chaim Bleicher of the Honenu legal aid society last week filed a complaint with the police against Bilal Shalada, the brother of terrorist Azzam Shalalda who on November 12, 2015, stabbed a Jewish man, Israel Ben Aharon, at the Gush Etzion junction. Bilal helped his terrorist brother escape from security forces to receive medical treatment in Hebron.

Azzam Shalalada threw stones that hit Ben Aharon in the head. He then smashed his car windshield, stuck his upper body through the window vehicle to stab his victim who was behind the wheel and managed to stab him in the face. Ben Aharon fought the terrorist inside the vehicle, managed to pull out his gun and while cocking it, the terrorist stabbed him in the chest. Ben Aharon managed to shoot the terrorist, who fled and disappeared.


The wounded terrorist was hospitalized in Hebron, from where he was taken by undercover IDF fighters to stand trial. He was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 17 years in prison. The military prosecutor appealed the light sentence and the military court is going to rule on it shortly.

An undercover IDF unit extracted terrorist Azzam Shalalda from a Hebron hospital, November 12, 2015:

Even though Bilal Shalada’s assistance to his terrorist brother was known to the security system, he continued to roam free and even entered Israel without an entry permit to attend his brother’s court hearings. Attorney Bleicher argued that “the aiding and abetting of terrorism endangered the lives of our best soldiers who acted to capture the terrorist.”

During the terrorist’s trial, it became clear to attorney Bleicher that his brother had helped him evade security forces after the assassination attempt. Surprisingly, the brother kept coming to court throughout the hearing, and assisted his brother legally and physically, even though he was barred from entering Israel.

Bleicher warned and pleaded with the president of the military court that the brother who helped the terrorist evade justice should be arrested and an indictment should be filed against him for assisting a terrorist. He sent a scathing letter to the president of the military tribunals, and the chief military attorney, attacking their disregard of the crimes committed by the terrorist’s brother

“During the court hearing, it became clear that the brother, who according to his testimony assisted the terrorist after the fact in a manner that constitutes a violation of local laws, and who was barred from entering Israel, was working as an attorney for the firm that defended his brother, and was roaming freely in the military court, this while witnesses were being threatened against testifying at the terrorist’s trial for fear of their lives after threats from the terrorist and his family,” Bleicher wrote the military lawyers.

In response to his letter to the Military Prosecutor’s Office, Bleicher was advised to contact the police. So he did – last week, he filed a complaint with the Israel Police against Bilal Shalalda on suspicion of aiding terrorism, granting asylum to terrorists, and harming state security.

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