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IDF forces enter Jenin refugee camp, March 31, 2022.

Three PA Arabs, one of them 17-years-old, were killed in clashes with IDF soldiers Thursday morning in the Jenin refugee camp, according to WAFA and PA Arab social media. A fighter from the Duvdevan special force was slightly injured in the raid that took place in broad daylight.

Sanad Abu Atiyeh, 17, and Yazid Saadi, 23, died after arriving in hospital, March 31, 2022. / WAFA

According to the PA health ministry, 15 people were injured in the incursion, 14 of them shot by live bullets, with three reported to be critical and one moderate to critical. Videos from the clashes on Arab social media show an exchange of fire and soldiers arresting an Arab man.


According to WAFA, a large Israeli army force raided Jenin Thursday morning, 24 hours after a resident of the village of Ya’abad, near Jenin, had shot and killed five Israelis in Bnai Brak.

Witnesses said residents clashed with the raiding forces, which opened live fire and shot teargas, killing two and injuring the others, who were taken to area hospitals for treatment. Soldiers also raided the town of Ya’abad, specifically the home of the Bnai Brak terrorist. One Arab was detained in Ya’abad.

The raids, conducted by units from the Golani patrol battalion, special force Duvdevan, and the Mista’arvim unit of the Border Police, began after dawn, with the aim of arresting persons wanted in relation to the Bnei Brak massacre.

Wednesday night, a demonstration was held in support of the family of Diaa Hamarsha, the Bnei Brak murderer, in his home village of Ya’bad. About 500 village residents participated in a march that left the Islamic Center in a nearby village and ended outside his family home. The residents chanted slogans in support of Hamarsha and protested against the intention to demolish his house.

Earlier, Israeli security forces measured the terrorist’s Home in preparation for its demolition.


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