Photo Credit: Hakol HaYehudi
Released terrorist Eid Makharev (r), and his son Kassam (l).

Hakol HaYehudi’s investigation revealed that Eid Makharev, owner of a car lot for spare parts that was set on fire earlier this week, is a released terrorist who spent five years in security prison during the 2nd Intifada.

Makharev managed to put up a post in support of the drive-by shooting that killed Hallel and Yagel Yaniv Hy’d – just hours before his business was set on fire. In his post, the released terrorist boasted that the real Aqaba summit was run by the killers of the two Jewish brothers in Huwara and that Ben Gvir was welcome to join the summit.


On his Facebook page, Makharev expresses support for terrorists, including Shechem and Jenin terrorists. In addition, he describes his time in prison together with his friend Nasser Abu Hamad, one of the arch-murderers from the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, whom he regularly praises. He posts pictures of himself with a weapon and a picture from Megido prison where he served time.

His son Kassam also expresses support for terrorists and terrorism and posts photos of terrorists who were killed by the IDF. Like his father, he also posts pictures of himself brandishing a Kalashnikov.

After the attack in Jericho in which 27-year-old Israeli-American Elan Ganeles was murdered, Makharev expressed his joy live on Facebook, from a convoy of vehicles of Shechem Arabs who rejoiced over the murder. In the video, the person sitting next to Makharev is heard telling him that rumors say there were six murdered, and he joyfully responds: “May there be many more.”

[Editor’s Note:  Labor party member Yaya Fink raised hundreds of thousands of dollars from Israelis for residents of Huwara. Fink told Ynet that he was contacting local leaders in Huwara via former Israeli security personnel to discuss distribution of the funds. He added that background checks will be carried out to prevent any of the money from going to those with a history of security violations. Looks like giving money to Makharev might pose a problem.]


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