Photo Credit: Cancillería Ecuador via Wikimedia
Palestinian Authority Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Riyad al-Maliki

The Palestinian Authority Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants Riyad al-Maliki told the official Voice of Palestine radio on Monday morning that the next PA move at the United Nations would be to request from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterich to push forward his proposal on the formation of a commission of inquiry into Friday’s clashes at the Gaza Strip Border. Failing that, the PA would submit to the Security Council a draft resolution to establish such a commission.

“The first option is to ensure that the secretary-general does not back down from his demand to form a commission of inquiry while the United States will try to thwart the adoption of the draft resolution in the Security Council,” Al-Maliki said.


In addition to the UN Security Council, the PA diplomats have been instructed by Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to appeal to the UN General Assembly and Human Rights Council, as well as the International Criminal Court.

Maliki is now heading to Baku, Azerbaijan, to attend a conference of foreign ministers of the non-aligned nations, where he plans to call on the participants to support the PA’s steps in UN organizations.

As to the upcoming Arab summit in Riyadh, al-Maliki said that Friday’s clashes would be added to its agenda.

As to the recognition of a Palestine State, al-Maliki pointed to an upcoming meeting of the Parliament of Slovenia, which will discuss the issue this month. He noted that France may be next to recognize a Palestinian State following a meeting of Presidents Macron and Trump on April 22.