Photo Credit: Hallelu video on facebook
Arab lecturer on Hallelu video

Sometimes we don’t have to say a word, let the Arabs speak for us, notes the Hallelu Foundation, whose mission is to foster “collaboration among Jewish organizations worldwide, and the establishment of a centralized information system highlighting the wonder and heroism of Israel.”


On Tuesday, the group posted on Facebook the video of a talk by “an Arab lecturer” who delivered “an amazing monologue before Jewish youths,” saying “it would be a disaster to establish a country for people with a culture of murder and bloodshed, who have been taught for generations that Jews should become food for fish.”

“Under no circumstances is a Palestinian state established,” he says.

I asked the Hallelu website who was this realistic fellow and they promised to get back to me with the answer.

They followed it with a no-reply email: “Thank you for your interest in the Hallelu Foundation and for wanting to take part in the most important project in Israeli at the current time. We wish we could answer each and every one of you as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, we are dealing with a large number of emails, and it may take us awhile to reply to all of you. If you haven’t heard from us in a week, please try to contact us again. We hope for your understanding, The Hallelu Foundation.”

So I’m giving them a week, by which time neither you the readers nor certainly I retain any recollection of this brief exchange.


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