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Jewish women and children play at the Oz VeGaon park built in memory of three young Jewish boys who were abducted and murdered by Arab terrorists.

The anti-Israel, anarchist organization “Combatants for Peace” has called upon their activists to come to the beautiful Oz veGaon nature park this Friday (Feb. 8) in order to make more trouble for the State of Israel.

Activists with the anarchist group plan to plant trees in the middle of the road to the park — created in memory of three Jewish teenagers who were slaughtered by Hamas terrorists in June 2014, in a murder that ignited Israel’s Operation Protective Edge, the 2014 counter terror war against Hamas and allied terrorists that summer — in order to block the access road to the Oz veGaon “outpost.”


The group has called their event “No to Annexation of Area C – Block the Access Road to Oz veGaon Outpost.”

Oz veGaon are is approximately 300 dunams (about 74 acres) and is comprised of state land zoned for the construction of vacation cottages.

The “Taba” zoning permit was temporarily delayed in order to undergo small changes because of “the fence” that was supposed to be placed there. Yaron Rosenthal, principal of the Kfar Etzion Field School, prevented the construction of the fence through his great dedication and effort.

“The new access road to the outpost” referred to by the anarchist group is not a road, is not new and is not on the land of the village of Beit Ummar,” according to Jewish activist Nadia Matar.

“This is an escape route on state lands, within the blue line of Oz veGaon that we were forced to open after Arabs, on the evening of last Tisha B’Av, threw a Molotov cocktail at the preserve,” Matar said. “The bottle set a tree on fire and only thanks to the quick action of the fire department, the fire did not spread and a disaster was prevented.

“If they had not managed to control the fire, tens of tress would have been set on fire, the entire main entrance would have been blocked and the people in the preserve would not have been able to escape. Professionals urged us to create a way to escape besides the main entrance. This is what we did. Unfortunately, the Civil Administration stopped the work and if, Heaven forbid, another fire breaks out, there is still no finished escape route.”

This coming Friday,  February 8, 2019, at 9:45 AM there will be a lecture by Caroline Glick at the Ari Fuld Observation Point in Oz veGaon (near the antenna).

Transportation from Jerusalem at 9:00: Renee Margolis 054-7103240

For the edification of our readers, here is the letter distributed by the anarchist organization, in its entirety.

Combatants for Peace

What can be done against racism and the Right?

Come this Friday, 8.2, to two events that we will stage together with our Palestinian partners in Combatants for Peace.

Thwarting the access road to the Oz VeGaon outpost// 10:00 in the morning: No to annexation of Area C

Recently, a new access road was opened to the Oz VeGaon on the lands of the village of Beit Ummar. This Friday we will come to plant trees on this access road together with the village residents, with the objective of perpetuating the ownership of the village residents over the lands and the right to cultivate them. We will thereby express non-violent opposition to the daily, creeping annexation of Area C.

We will meet at 10:00 in the morning at the Oz hill, where we will hear from the local residents about the day-to-day reality in the village, and together we will plant the trees.


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