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Tory mayoral candidate wannabe Daniel Korski.

Daniel Korski was born in Denmark in 1977, to his Jewish mother who was among the Jews expelled from Poland in 1968. Korski moved to the UK in 1997 and later served as deputy head of the Number 10 Policy Unit under PM David Cameron. These days he is a vice president of the Jewish Leadership Council, and a member of the New London Synagogue, a Masorti congregation in St John’s Wood, London. And he hopes to become the Conservative candidate to challenge London’s Labour mayor Sadiq Khan in next year’s elections.

The Conservatives have so far picked Korski, Mozammel Hossain, and Susan Hall for their shortlist to replace Mayor Khan.


Korski, a law & order candidate, told the Mail: “Thirty-four times a day there is burglary that nobody (he means the police – DI) shows up to, and that frankly is unacceptable. The impact that has on people’s lives and the fear that comes with having experienced something like that and not even being able to count on the police.”

He added: “One of the big issues … is that even when the police do investigate, the prosecutions don’t necessarily follow. We have an anomaly in London where the Met is overseen in part by the mayor but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is not. I think that is an anomaly we have to correct … Policing and prosecutions need a democratic mandate and consent; we are now in danger of losing that consent.”

Sounds familiar?

In 2015, Korski was criticized for pressuring the Greater London Authority to ease restrictions on Uber, since he and Cameron opposed regulations that would restrict the company. Korski described those proposed restrictions as “insane and Luddite.”

Also in 2015, Korski proposed ending the use of cash in the UK by 2020, to “drive up productivity and disrupt some forms of criminal activity.” The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne was not amused.

On May 16, Korski applied to be the Conservative Party’s candidate in the 2024 London mayoral election. He proposed implementing a levy on hotel stays to fund new police programs, and road fees as a traffic-limiting alternative to expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone.


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